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Contracted Photographer & Videographer Policies

Before bringing a film crew on campus, there are a few required steps for both you and the production company. 

Step 1

Reserve Space on Campus

Well before you book a crew, ensure you have formally booked your space through the medical school or clincal affiliate. 

Step 2

Sponsor Registers the Contractor with Risk Management

All contracted workers, including production companies and photographers, must be approved by Risk Management before visiting campus. View the list of pre-approved contractors or register your contracted company on Risk Management’s website.

Step 3

Contractor Completes Safety Protocol Training

After registration, your contractor will receive an email to confirm they will comply with COVID-19 risk mitigation procedures. They may either attest that they have policies in place or submit to Northwestern training. Once the contractor completes the acknowledgement process, you will receive an email confirmation.

Contractor safety training includes review of Northwestern’s COVID-19 Guidelines, which outlines expectations for safe health practices while on campus, including social distancing, hand-washing, mask-use, etc… It is essential for your contractor to follow these protocols. Training also includes review of Northwestern’s Contractor Safety Program, which communicates University expectations for contractors while conducting activities on campus such as housekeeping and general safety

If you have any questions about the acknowledgements and training process, please email

Step 4

Contractor Provides COI and Indemnity Form

All production companies and photographers are required to provide a signed release and indemnity form and a certificate of insurance naming Northwestern University as an additional insured. The indemnity form and detailed insurance requirements are available online. Share the Northwestern Filming and Photography page with your contractor.