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Feinberg's Publications Policy

The school of medicine from time to time may sponsor academic publications that solicit submissions from authors. As publisher, the school reserves the right to approve the aims, structure, and function of such publications. In particular:

  • The school will approve the appointment of the editor, structure the business and operating rules for the publication and memorialize them in a publishing agreement. Such publishing agreements will normally serve as a term contract with an editor to ensure editorial independence.
  • The school will determine what publications require an editorial board and/or external peer review.
  • Sponsored publications needing an editorial board will have members of that board approved by the school.
  • Contributor agreements for solicited manuscripts must assign copyrights to the journal.
  • Back issues of the publication are owned by the school who will determine under what conditions they will be archived on its website. They may not be published elsewhere without permission.
  • The Office of Communications at the school will determine who has administrative privileges to the website.