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Bulk Email

The Office of Communications helps Feinberg faculty and staff share their urgent announcements via bulk email. Please read the policies before you submit the form to request an email.

Request a Bulk Email

Northwestern University Policies

We adhere to the Northwestern University Information Technology bulk email guidelines. Messages that do not meet these guidelines will not be eligible for bulk email delivery. Per these guidelines, bulk email is generally appropriate for messages that:

  • Directly relate to carrying out the business of the University.
  • Relate to changes in University policy or time-sensitive issues.
  • Inform a select group of people (e.g., faculty, staff, students, members of a specific school or department) of an announcement or event related to their specific role within the University.

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Policies

  • Plan for a a 72-hour (three business days) turnaround on the delivery of your message.
  • Separate attachments are not allowed in bulk email. However, a flyer with images or additional material can be hyperlinked in the body of the email text. We recommend linking to a web page, PDF or document via SharePoint.
  • Messages must not contain bullets, and special characters are limited to email addresses.
  • Images are not allowed in the body of a bulk email.
  • Messages must be text-only.
  • No other templates may be used.  

Items Not Eligible for Bulk Email

  • Clinical trials
  • Continuing education opportunities not accredited through Northwestern University
  • Job postings or descriptions
  • Newsletters
  • Surveys or polls not approved by the dean of the school of medicine