Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Institute for Public Health and Medicine

Administrative Leadership Core

This leadership of IPHAM provides the vision, mission, goals, and strategy for the Institute. It also provides an ongoing source of centralized leadership and coordination for the Institute’s Centers, Cores, and Programs of Research. It sets policy regarding allocation of resources and priorities for future centers or priority research program areas. The Leadership Core is led by the Institute Director with representatives from the leadership of all Institute Centers and Cores. It assembles and supports internal and external advisory committees/boards with representation by key stakeholders from across the Feinberg School of Medicine (FSM), other Northwestern University (NU) schools, and the community. A major function of IPHAM leadership is to facilitate the creation of collaborative teams that makes NU-FSM more competitive for disease and discipline-specific NIH P- and U-series grants/contracts as well as other government and foundation interdisciplinary/collaborative grants.  For more information on each of the Center's faculty, see the Faculty page.

Executive Committee

IPHAM DirectorRonald Ackermann, MD, MPH
Center for Behavior and HealthBonnie Spring, PhD, ABPP
Center for Bioethics and Medical HumanitiesKelly Michelson, MD, MPH
Buehler Center for Health Policy and EconomicsLori Ann Post, PhD
Center for Communication and HealthBruce Lambert, PhD
Center for Community HealthRonald Ackermann, MD, MPH
Center for Education in Health SciencesJane L Holl, MD/MPH
Center for Engineering and HealthSanjay Mehrotra, PhD
Center for Global HealthRobert Murphy, MD
Center for Health Information PartnershipsAbel Kho, MD
Center for Healthcare StudiesJane Holl, MD, MPH
Center for Patient Centered OutcomesDavid Cella, PhD
Center for Population Health SciencesPhilip Greenland, MD
Center for Primary Care InnovationStephen Persell, MD/MPH
Center for Translational Metabolism and HealthTamara Isakova, MD/MMSc

NUCATS Institute DirectorDonald Lloyd-Jones, MD, ScM
Vice Dean of Scientific Affairs and Graduate EducationRex Chisholm, PhD

Administrative Core

IPHAM AdministratorKevin Connolly
Communications ManagerAdela Mizrachi
Professional Affairs CoordinatorKara Pederson
Financial AdministratorTameka Carter
Program AssistantMary Crylen