Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Institute for Public Health and Medicine

Administrative Support

IPHAM provides administrative support to IPHAM faculty. This support includes research administration services, communications-related support, and professional affairs coordination . If you are in need of support, use the information below to determine your point of contact.

Research Administration

The Research Administration Team oversees and manages pre and post-award administration including approvals of procurement and expense reports, proposal development, award setup and management, budget preparation, compliance, effort reporting, financial management, and financial reporting and projections.

See a complete list of administrative contacts by faculty member. 

Associate Director of Research Administration Public Health Research Administration Group

Tas Uting 

Center for Healthcare Studies, Center for Global Health, Center for Engineering and Health, Center for Education in Health Sciences

Lead: Bethany Ekesa (312-503-6536), Senior Research Administrator.

NameAssigned Center(s)
Olga Garcia

Center for Engineering and Health
Center for Healthcare Studies

Nadia Hajjar
Center for Healthcare Studies
Center for Education in Health Sciences
Juleen Morford
Center for Global Health
Center for Healthcare Studies
Sheila Chhim
Just in Time (JIT) requests, Other Support pages, Biosketches and RPPRs

Center for Community Health, Center for Health Information Partnerships, Buehler Center for Health Policy and Economics, Center for Translational Metabolism & Health, Behavior and Health, Bioethics and Medical Humanities, Communication and Health, Patient-Centered Outcomes, Population Health Sciences, Primary Care Innovation

Lead: William Hodkinson (312-503-5514), Senior Research Administrator.

NameAssigned Center(s)
Rachel Cameron
Center for Translational Metabolism & Health
Buehler Center for Health Policy and Economics
Will Hodkinson
Center for Health Information Partnerships
Daniel Sylvester
Center for Community Health
Sheila Chhim
Just in Time (JIT) requests, Other Support pages, Biosketches and RPPRs

Communications Support

Contact: Adela Mizrachi

The Communications Team supports IPHAM faculty by assisting in the dissemination of their research and announcements. Avenues of communication that can be utilized by IPHAM faculty include the IPHAM website, the IPHAM Bulletin weekly newsletter, the IPHAM social media channels (Twitter and Facebook), along with a variety of other ways to syndicate content via FSM Communications, Northwestern University Relations, the ASPPH Friday Letter, and other outlets. Additionally, the Communications Team is available to help with writing and editing of manuscripts, grants, and media pieces. 

Professional Affairs Coordination

Contact: Kara Pederson

Professional Affairs Coordination partners directly with Northwestern’s Human Resources department to provide Human Resources support to IPHAM faculty and staff.  Professional Affairs can assist faculty and staff with recruiting fresh talent for both faculty and staff appointments, onboarding new hires, overseeing performance evaluations, distributing merit increases, managing employee relations issues such as corrective action, sending a monthly HR newsletter with IPHAM HR updates, applying for visas for faculty and staff, etc.  Professional Affairs is also available for any coaching or mediation from which faculty or staff members might benefit.