Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


Accepted Visiting Students 16-17

Congratulations on your acceptance. Review the following important information about acceptance or cancelation. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine must receive your Acceptance and Registration Form and related fees within 14 days of when the offer is made.

Acceptance & Registration

In addition to accepting the elective offer on VSAS, a registration fee of $150 per elective is required in order to secure your elective and must be received within 14 days of an offer. The Registration fee is non-refundable. Failure to submit this fee will result in the withdrawal of the offer. Please use the Acceptance & Registration Payment Form 16-17 to submit this fee and secure your elective.

If the offer is withdrawn due to lack of response/ payment within the 14 day time frame, you are not allowed to re-apply for the same elective at the same time.  You may apply for the same elective during a different time frame or for a different elective; however, if you are again accepted and fail to respond/ submit payment by the deadline, you will no longer be eligible to apply for any electives.

Cancellation Policy

If you can no longer attend an elective which you have accepted, you must notify the Visiting Student Coordinator via email no later than four weeks prior to your start date even if you have dropped the elective on VSAS.  The Visiting Student Coordinator will then notify the department that you cannot attend. No re-scheduling of electives is permitted. If you fail to notify the Visiting Student Coordinator at least four weeks prior to your start date, Northwestern will drop you from any future scheduled elective and your home school will be notified.

If you are dropped from any elective due to failure to notify the visiting student of a cancellation within the appropriate time frame, you are no longer eligible to apply for any other elective clerkship at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine.

Changes in Electives

Once a student has been scheduled to rotate, no change in elective choice or rotation block will be allowed. This policy cannot be overridden by a department or an attending.

Access important information and forms related to visitor student status via the links below.