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Frequently Asked Questions for Current Students

Following are responses to some of the frequently asked questions asked by students at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

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Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • When is BLS offered?

    Students receive BLS training twice during their undergraduate medical education. This half day class takes place during Arrival Week of their M1 year and during Introduction to Phase 2 at the beginning of their M3 year.

  • What if I need BLS verification?

    If you are a current Feinberg School of Medicine student and need written verification that you have completed Basic Life Support training (BLS), please contact Allison Hammer in the Augusta Webster Office of Medical Education at (312) 503-8798 or

  • What if I miss the BLS training sessions?

    It is the student's responsibility to seek out another BLS learning session.


  • What is CAESAR?

    CAESAR (Computer Assisted Electronic Student Access Route) is your gateway to online student services. When you log-in you can:

    • Register for classes
    • Change your address
    • View your student account
    • Access your unofficial transcript

    More information about CAESAR.


  • Where are all of the different buildings and classrooms, and how do I get to them?

    Before long, you’ll know the names of the buildings and their locations. At first you may choose to print a map and carry it with you for quick reference. View the Chicago campus buildings on the interactive map. Abbott Hall (710 North Lake Shore Drive) is a key building that you’ll get to know right away. It houses the campus bookstore, the Wildcard Office, Bursar’s Office, Student Accounts Office and the Financial Aid Office.

  • Where can I study?

    Several campus buildings have places to study. One excellent place is the Galter Health Sciences Library on the first floor of the Ward Building. The Learning Resources Center within the library is known as an especially quiet haven. The Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center of Northwestern University also has several prime study areas including the open, informal seating space on the first floor.

Career Advising

Clerkship Reimbursement

Community Service

  • How can I participate in community service?

    Since Chicago is a diverse, urban environment, it offers all kinds of options for community outreach. In addition to exploring some of these options through various websites, you may want to talk with fellow students to get an idea of what their experience has been. You will want to place yourself in an environment where you can give and gain the most! Some student organizations offer options for community service. The Feinberg Student Senate hosts an Activities Fair in September each year for new students to get involved with student organizations. Information is sent to current students in September advertising this event.


Dress Code

Financial Aid

Global Health / International Electives

  • How do I find out about Feinberg's global health partner institutions?

    The development of formal affiliations between Feinberg School of Medicine and other medical schools around the world has accelerated a great deal in recent years. Our Global Health partnerships allow you to be immersed in another health care system and culture, to learn about diseases and public health challenges that differ from those in the U.S., and to expand the range of your clinical experience and skills. For more information try this site: Center for Global Health


    Health Service

    • Where is the Chicago Student Health Service office located, and what are the hours of operation?

      The Chicago Student Health Service Office is located inside the Galter Pavilion building of Northwestern Memorial Hospital at 675 North St. Clair, Suite 18-200, General Internal Medicine Department. Office visits are by appointment only and can be made by calling (312) 695-8134. Their hours of operation are:

      • Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday: 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
      • Thursday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
      • Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 12 p.m.
      • Closed Sundays and holidays.

      If you have an after-hours emergency you can contact the Physician on call at (312) 695-8134.

    • If I am unable to complete my health requirements prior to beginning medical school, can I wait to have my health requirements completed at the student health service office?

      It is advised that you receive all your health requirements by the deadline stated on the Admission Health Record form. The wait time for an appointment is longer than usual at the beginning of the year at Student Health Services. If your health requirements are not complete by the second week of school, you will not be able to participate in clinical activities. The Health Information Management Services Office (H.I.M.S.) will also place a fine and hold on your CAESAR account if your requirements are not complete within 30 days of matriculation at Feinberg. If it is not possible for you to complete all of your immunizations prior to your arrival at Feinberg, you must notify the Health Information Management Services Office at: (847) 491-2203, or email Lisa Teel

    • Do I have a deductible or co-pay?

      Co-pay and deductible amounts vary based on the type of health insurance you carry, treatment received and/or service provider. Please contact your health insurance provider for co-pay and deductible information. All students covered by the NU Student Health Insurance program should contact the NU Health Insurance Office at: (847)491-2113 or review the NU Health Insurance Brochure. Copies of the NU Health Insurance Brochure can be downloaded at the Aetna website.

    • Can I be seen at the Student Health Services Office the same day?

      Same day appointments are available at the Student Health Services Office for students with urgent care needs. In order to request a same day appointment, you should contact the Student Health Services office at (312) 695-8134. Same day appointments are available on a first-come first serve basis.



    • How do I find a place to live?

      Visit the Student Housing page for more information.

    • How do I get an early release from an apartment lease or on-campus housing contract?

      Your apartment lease is a legal contract between you and the apartment property manager or landlord. Early termination of your housing contract may impose certain penalties such as the withholding of your security deposit and/or a poor reference. Also moving out does not automatically free you from the financial obligation of your lease until it expires. You should review the terms of your leasing contract and discuss your options with your property manager or landlord to negotiate an alternative agreement. If your reason for terminating your lease is due to uninhabitable conditions, an exception may be made by the property manager or landlord to terminate the lease without penalty or legal action.

    Leave of Absence

    • What if I want to take time off, apply for a Leave of Absence or do research for a year?

      Students interested in taking time off from their academic schedules must meet with the Sandy Sanguino, MD/MPH, Dean of Student Programs and Career Development. The Dean will supply a Leave of Absence form that must be completed and returned. The request will be considered by the Student Promotions Committee (SPC). A decision regarding the Leave of Absence request will be drafted by the SPC. Since the SPC meets on a monthly basis, it may take 4-6 weeks before a decision letter is received.

      For more about leave of absences see the Feinberg Student Handbook.

    Match Day


    • What if I lose or break my pager?

      If a student loses or breaks their pager, they will have to purchase a replacement pager at a fee of $69.00. You should stop by the Augusta Webster Office of Medical Education and see Linda Daniels to have a new pager issued.

    • When do I get a pager?

      All students will receive their pager at the start of their required clinical rotation year during Introduction to Phase 2. If I student goes on a leave of absence they must turn in their pager for that time period.

    • Do I have to pay for the pager?

      Students are issued text pagers without charge during their required clinical rotation years. Pagers are paid for by the Augusta Webster Office of Medical Education. If a student breaks their pager or loses their pager, there is a unit replacement fee of $69.00.

    • What If I am not on web paging or my web paging is not working?

      Contact Linda Daniels by via email at or via phone at (312)503-0434, or visit the Augusta Webster Office of Medical Education to have your pager updated or added to the NMH Web Paging System.


    Room Reservations


    Student Organizations

    • How do I join a student organization?

      An activities fair is held annually during the Fall for incoming students to join student organizations. Throughout the school year current students can contact the student organization directly to get involved in activities.

    Tech Support


    • What about transportation to and around the campus?

      The campus is centrally located in downtown Chicago and easy to get to by car and public transportation, such as buses and elevated trains (widely referred to as “the el”). The public transportation system that is most extensive is the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), and you can use it to get nearly anywhere including both Midway and O’Hare airports.

      Shortly after matriculation, Feinberg students are issued a Ventra U-Pass, a discounted student fare card for unlimited rides on Chicago Transportation Authority (CTA) trains and buses. The cost for the U-Pass is applied to each student’s account annually. More information about the Ventra U-Pass program can be found here:

      Other public transportation systems include the Metropolitan Railway System (METRA) and the Pace Bus System, which serve the Chicago suburbs.

      Commuters traveling from the suburbs can take the University Train Shuttle to campus from three Chicago train stations. Sheets of ten tickets and monthly shuttle tickets are available at University Services, located in Abbott Hall, Room 100.

      Once you’re on the Chicago campus, you’ll find that walking from building to building is easy because most of them are quite close to each other. The Jesse Brown VA Medical Center provides shuttle service to and from their facilities. There is also a free intercampus shuttle bus service that travels between the Evanston and Chicago campuses.

      For more information, visit the Transportation section of the Education website.

    • What about parking on campus?

      If you are interested in driving to campus, you must live outside of the boundaries of North Ave, Halsted, and Congress Pkwy. An online parking application is available for you to complete.

    • How do I qualify for Reimbursement for Clerkship travel?

    White Coats