Recalibrating Vascular Malformations by Pharmacological Intervention


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Blood flowing throughout our cardiovascular system imposes mechanical forces that profoundly influence vascular development and homeostasis. Endothelial cells that line all blood and lymphatic vessels are exquisitely prepared to sense mechanical forces and to transduce these stimuli into biochemical signals, which in turn controls their proliferation, migration and behavior. Molecular and cellular studies have found that abnormal endothelial cell mechanotransduction and function in response to fluid shear stress can be causative to vascular malformations. These vascular anomalies are often incurable and numerous individuals suffer lifelong pain, disfigurement or even death. Current treatments can alleviate symptoms, but many patients remain with major symptoms. 

Our Leducq ReVAMP network aims to advance therapeutics based on the novel idea that normalizing vascular cell responses to blood flow can be accomplished by pharmacological modulation of molecular pathways and their targets.

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