Events & Meetings

Network members meet at least once per month to discuss science and report on progress made towards research aims. Each year, the network also organizes two in-person meetings hosted alternately in Europe and North America. Click below to learn more.

From left to right: Sarah Tasdelen, Van Cuong Pham, Florian Specque, Florence Riant, Anusha Sathyanarayanan, Stephen Spurgin, Chaker Aloui, Elisabeth Tournier-Lasserve, Kirill Salewskij, Mitzy Cowdin, Ondine Cleaver, Ana Mompeon, Katiannah Moise, Angela Quisser, Catalina Alvarez, Martina De Bortoli, Gwenola Boulday, Miikka Vikkula, Salim Seyfried