About the Project

What Is ReVAMP?

The Leducq Foundation was founded in 1996 to support international, collaborative research in cardiovascular and neurovascular disease with an emphasis on the training of early-career scientists.

The aim of the project, titled “Recalibrating Mechanotransduction in Vascular Malformations" is to advance the basic understanding of – and develop pharmacological therapeutics for – vascular abnormalities that lead to stroke, edema, hemorrhages and deformities associated with severe chronic pain. Project investigators will research the molecular mechanisms through which vascular cells respond to the mechanical stimulus of blood flow – or mechanotransduction – and how mutations disrupt mechanotransduction and cause vascular malformations.


Meet the Team Behind the Project

Who We Are

The network, consisting of six basic research scientists and clinician investigators and pre- and postdoctoral fellows in each member lab, collectively engages a total of 49 trainees at different stages of professional advancement. The cohort is encouraged to develop interdisciplinary research interests through team science and the transfer of skills among trainees across institutions. 

Contact Us

For information about ReVAMP, please contact:

Network Administrative Officer
Vanessa Gonzalez
302 E. Huron Street
SQ 8-525
Chicago, IL 60611