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Kutys Group

Matthew Kutys headshot

Matthew Kutys, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Cell and Tissue Biology
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
Cardiovascular Research Institute
Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program
UCSF/UCB Bioengineering Graduate Program

BOX 0512, 513 Parnassus Ave, HSW 613
San Francisco, CA 94143

The Kutys Lab develops and applies biomimetic human tissue models that incorporate three-dimensional organotypic architectures and permit the study of human tissue development, regeneration, and pathogenesis with high resolution and biological control. Combining these models with cellular and molecular technologies, a major focus of the laboratory is gaining mechanistic understanding of the orchestration of vascular morphogenesis and fate specification by endothelial mechanotransduction at cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interfaces.


Kyle Jacobs
Kyle Jacobs
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Kyle is a fourth year PhD candidate in the Kutys Lab at UCSF. Kyle completed his undergraduate studies in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Davis. While there, he investigated mechanisms by which mammalian cells sense and respond to mechanical forces in the laboratory of Dr. Soichiro Yamada. Kyle's thesis work in the Kutys Lab focuses on how contextual Rho GTPase signaling at endothelial cell-cell interfaces controls vascular barrier function.

Lakyn Mayo
Lakyn Mayo
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Lakyn is a graduate student in the Kutys lab at UCSF. She received a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering in 2018 from Johns Hopkins University, where she concentrated in biomaterials and worked on engineering the blood-brain barrier in Dr. Peter Searson's lab. She joined the UCSF Medical Scientist Training Program in 2019 and the Kutys Lab in 2021 through the joint Bioengineering Graduate Program at UCSF and UC Berkeley. In the lab she studies endothelial cell-cell adhesion dynamics required for angiogenic initiation using microphysiological systems.