Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation’s research portfolio is rich and diverse, reflecting the wide variety of interests and focus areas of our faculty and the breadth and magnitude of our department's resources. Our research makes an impact. Our faculty members are creating new knowledge and techniques through innovation and collaboration. Research also allows students to learn and grow through exploration, discovery, and insight. Most importantly, this research ultimately results in care that is derived from leading edge developments by well-known and highly experienced professionals. Our objectives in these research efforts are to enhance the quality of life of people with disabling conditions; to improve our understanding of the fundamental mechanisms by which disabling conditions and their recovery processes occur; and to create and evaluate new and more effective methods to assess and treat those with disability. We not only develop and test potential solutions to important patient problems, but we also seek to understand the causes of disability and its recovery.

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