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Room Reservations

Conference Room Reservations

The Department of Microbiology-Immunology (M-I) conference rooms include Searle 3-442 and Tarry 6-712. Reservations are managed with the Feinberg Online Room Reservation Request (VEMS) system. Cynthia Naugles receives, reviews and approves requests for conference room space.

Conference Room Hours and Room Use

  • If you regularly book space for M-I meetings or seminars, please contact Cynthia to request a VEMS account. If you have an existing VEMS account and want the M-I rooms added to your account, please notify Cynthia.
  • For one-time conference room requests, please fill out and submit this form.
  • Conference room hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • The conference rooms are accessible without a key during work hours; if your meeting is before/after business hours, you will need to obtain a key from Cynthia the day before your reservation.  

Conference Room Features

  • Tarry 6-712: Podium, White Board, Chalkboard, Projection Screen,  Digital Projector, Wired Data Port, Wireless Internet
  • Searle 3-442: White Board, TV/Monitor, Wired Data Port, Wireless Internet

Setup and Cleanup

The event coordinator is responsible for any setup and cleanup required, and sufficient time should be included in the original reservation request.


Please notify Cynthia of any room cancellations as quickly as possible so the space can be used by others as needed.  

Chart Strings

Use of Tarry 6-712 and Searle 3-442 is free of charge. However, all reservation requests must include a complete Northwestern chart string and five-digit account code in order for a space request to be processed. Please use 110-5103000 and account code 76725 as the default chart string for all reservations.  

Please contact Cynthia if you have any questions regarding room reservations.

Department Seminar Scheduling

To view the Department Seminar Series calendar for internal scheduling purposes, please see the Sharepoint Scheduling Calendar.

Department Seminars & Events

View the Seminars & Events page for scheduled Microbiology-Immunology events, including the Seminar Series, Virology Club, Bacteriology Journal Club, Immunology Journal Club and Virology Journal Club.

PlanIt Purple

If you are scheduling a public event outside of one of our official department-sponsored series, please ask Cynthia to add the event to PlanIt Purple, the university-wide calendar of events, or add the event to PlanIt Purple yourself as appropriate.