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Methodologic Core

Learn about FIRST-DailyLife's goals, services, and leadership that make up our methodologic core.


Our Methodologic Core's goals are to:

  • Enhance methodologic training environment
  • Provide methodologic, consultative, and collaborative capabilities regarding
    • study design and data collection methods
    • statistical science and analysis
    • epidemiology
    • behavioral science
    • nutritional science
    • implementation science/innovative study design
    • economic evaluation/decision science
    • genomics/bioinformatics
    • clinical informatics
    • data management
  • Provide access to research databases


Our Methodologic Core can provide input on aim development, study design, and data collection methods from a multidisciplinary group of scientist-methodologists. Learn more about our Methodologic Core's areas of expertise and services below.

  Statistical science and analysis

  • Statistical study design/sample size methodology
  • Longitudinal data analysis
  • Clinical trial design and analysis
  • Secondary data analyses
  • Hypothesis generating/exploratory analyses
  • Microarray data analysis


  • Observational and clinical trial study designs
  • Use of patient reported and other outcomes in rheumatology
  • Registry development
  • Access to large clinical and national datasets
  • Application of geographic information system tools

 Implementation research

  • “Real world” measurements, modeling and testing of community and service delivery/health system interventions

 Behavioral and nutritional sciences

  • Modifiable chronic disease risk factor behavior intervention
  • Behavioral theory/behavioral mechanism grounding for intervention development
  • Modern research designs to optimize behavioral interventions

 Economic evaluation/decision science

  • Cost effectiveness analysis
  • Cost utility analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Budget impact analysis
  • Design and analysis of “appropriateness” studies

 Functional genomics

  • Design and Analysis of RNA-seq or other functional genomic experiments
  • Meta-analysis of existing/published genomic data sets
  • Integrated analysis of genomic data with other data types (such as genetic/GWAS, proteomic, or clinical)

 Clinical informatics/data management

  • Data collection strategies
  • Creation and maintenance of research data systems
  • Extraction of data from the NM Electronic Data Warehouse, the integrated database of all clinical and research data from all patients receiving treatment through Northwestern healthcare affiliates
  • Creation of databases amenable to geographic information systems analyses

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