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Our mission is to promote research that improves the lives of persons with or at risk for rheumatic diseases and musculoskeletal conditions.  

The overarching goal of FIRST-DailyLife is to promote cutting-edge clinical research aimed at prevention or control of rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions and poor outcomes associated with them.  We seek to drive  a theme of prevention strategy and intervention development to create lifestyle, behavioral, medical, and rehabilitative solutions for these conditions and their consequences.   Our overall aims are:

  • Accelerate and enhance funded research, by improving efficiency, rigor, collaboration, cost-effectiveness, productivity, and impact
  • Organize and catalyze all research at Northwestern relevant to our mission, adding value and moving it forward in a way that would otherwise not be feasible
  • Promote new research within the areas of our mission, by expanding the Research Community working in these areas and by expanding research fields within the mission


Directed by Leena Sharma, MD, FIRST-DailyLife consists of three Cores:

The foundation of FIRST-DailyLife is the powerful network of our Research Community.  Executive, Oversight, Patient Advisory, and External Advisory Committees provide advisory support to FIRST-DailyLife. 

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