Our Cores work together to deliver interdisciplinary consultative services to accelerate clinical research to prevent or control rheumatic/musculoskeletal diseases and conditions and the poor outcomes associated with them.

Our Symphony Meeting serves as an entry point to FIRST-DailyLife, attended by your team and representatives from each of our Cores, for integrated recommendations, not given from methodologic silos.

Investigators at all stages of work are welcome.

Administrative Core

  • Identifies high-impact projects and teams working in areas of our mission, applies FIRST-DailyLife to help them to develop while maintaining high rigor
  • Optimizes communication, cooperation, collaboration
  • Brings together investigators from different disciplines
  • Fosters training and development of researchers, and supports their development of clinical research applications for independent funding
  • Disseminates our advancements
  • Evaluates FIRST-DailyLife on an ongoing basis
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Methodologic Core

  • Enhances methodologic training environment
  • Provides methodologic, consultative, and collaborative capabilities regarding:
    • a) study design and data collection methods
    • b) statistical science and analysis
    • c) epidemiology
    • d) behavioral science
    • e) nutritional science
    • f) implementation science/innovative study design
    • g) economic evaluation/decision science
    • h) genomics/bioinformatics
    • i) clinical informatics
    • j) data management
  • Provides access to research databases
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ASSIST-DailyLife Resource Core

  • Includes 3 sub-cores: Person-Centered Outcomes Assessment & Technology; Accelerometer Measurement of Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior and Sleep; Behavioral Intervention Technologies
  • Provides consultation to support design and implementation of platforms for multi-modal assessment and health interventions incorporating real-world:
    • a) self-report of health, symptoms, and life satisfaction, and performance-based function
    • b) accelerometer monitoring to assess physical activity, sedentary behavior, and sleep
    • c) mobile, web, tablet, and sensor-based applications that identify real-world behavioral markers
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