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Humanitarian Assistance

Education & Training

Global EM Development

Dr. Chan supports the WHO mapping of Health Facilities in Libya (2012)Dr. Kyriacou trains Nigerian Scientists (2012)Dr. Sayers provides clinical care and training in Ghana
Dr. Chan supports Oxfam America's Ethiopian ICT assessment (2012)Dr. Chan trains new humanitarians with technology (2012)Dr. Matt Pirotte provides clinical care in Ethiopia
Disaster 2.0 Report released to the Humanitarian sector (2011)Dr. Kyriacou teaches epidemiology to Nigerian scientists (2009)Dr. Usha Periyanayagam joins the INDUS EM conference
Dr. Chan supports Oxfam America's Ethiopian DEWS System (2010) Dr. Usha Periyanayagam provides EM training in Cambodia
EM faculty respond to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake (2010)