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Read the latest news from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine’s Center for Translational Metabolism and Health. The links below take you to articles where you can learn more about our members' latest achievements, awards and honors.

  • 10.21.2023

    Sophia Serrano, a Mexican/Puerto Rican American scholar from Chicago's West side, dedicated her summer to diligent work at the Thompson Lab within Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. As a returning SciHigh Scholar at Northwestern University's GoKIDNEY Center, she passionately delved into medical science. Sophia's determination and inquisitiveness guided her in exploring endomucin research, revealing how curiosity and dedication can unveil new horizons in STEM.

    Hear her firsthand experience shared through her perspective.

  • Northwestern University Awarded Nearly $5 Million NIH Grant to Revolutionize Kidney Research
    Northwestern has successfully secured a substantial grant of nearly $ 5 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to establish a cutting-edge center dedicated to kidney research. This funding will enable the department to create a center that will leverage innovations from the physical sciences to tackle pressing challenges in kidney research. 
  • 09.08.2023

    Northwestern University investigators have developed the first electronic device for continuously monitoring the health of transplanted organs in real time.

  • Tamara Isakova, MD Appointed as Interim Chief of Nephrology and Hypertension
    Join us in congratulating Dr. Tamara Isakova, MD, who has been appointed Interim Chief of Nephrology and Hypertension in the Department of Medicine. Her leadership extends beyond Northwestern, as she chairs the Theme Chair for the 2024 World Congress of Nephrology Program Committee and serves on various steering committees. With editorial roles in top nephrology journals, Dr. Isakova continues to make significant contributions to the medical community. 
    Join us in welcoming Dr. Isakova to her new position! 
  • 07.27.2023

    At the September meetings of the American Heart Association (AHA) Hypertension Council, Dr. Daniel Batlle will deliver the 2023 Donald Seldin Lecture, an esteemed award presented by the Kidney and Cardiovascular Councils.

    Learn more about this Hypertension Scientific Sessions award.

  • 07.14.2023

    Aerobic glycolysis, the process by which cells transform glucose into lactate, is essential for eye development in mammals, according to a new Northwestern Medicine study published in Nature Communications.

  • 06.27.2023

    Douglas E. Vaughan, MD, has announced his intention to step down as chair of The Department of Medicine, effective September 1; Susan Quaggin, MD, has been named as his successor.

  • 06.02.2023

    Northwestern Medicine investigators have discovered that the overexpression of a specific transcription factor prevented bone loss in mouse models with complications from chronic kidney disease, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

  • 05.25.2023

    Northwestern Medicine scientists have uncovered how peptides produced by bones during inflammation prevent anemia in mice, according to a recent study published in the journal Blood.

  • 04.19.2023

    Four Feinberg faculty have been elected members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious honorary societies.

  • 10.31.2022

    Susan Quaggin, MD, has been presented one of The American Heart Association’s 2022 Distinguished Scientist awards, which honor members who have significantly advanced the understanding of cardiovascular, stroke or brain health.

  • 11.03.2021

    On a late September evening of 2021, the world lost one of the last giants of Medicine. Dr Lewis Landsberg passed in Cape Cod, where he loved to spend part of the summers with his beloved wife Jill and visiting family and friends.