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Director's Message

Welcome to the Center for Education in Health Sciences (CEHS) within the Institute for Public Health & Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

This site provides information for potential students, fellows, faculty and funders about the diverse educational and training programs in the health sciences offered at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. The center seeks to:

  • Offer substantive, cutting-edge didactic courses and programs
  • Integrate interactive and experiential learning
  • Use innovative graduate teaching and learning methods, including technology
  • Support a robust infrastructure to educate and train the next generation of top-tier students and fellows in the health sciences

In this era of dramatic changes in higher and graduate education, the perils of remaining only a bricks-and-mortar educational enterprise are growing more pressing each day. In this regard, the CEHS has adapted the content and format of some of our graduate degree programs to address the issues of distance learning and the integration of technology into the classroom; to become more student-centered and meet the pragmatic education and training needs of students, including non-traditional students; and to seek ways to mitigate the unsustainable increases in the costs of graduate education.

Our Master of Science in Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety is offered in an executive format, and our Master of Science in Health Services & Outcomes Research is offered in a hybrid format. Students participate in these programs by making several trips to Chicago each year and completing coursework online. Both programs can be completed while living anywhere in the country.

On-campus programs include the Master of Public Health, the Master of Science in Biostatistics, the Master of Science in Epidemiology, and the Health Sciences Integrated PhD Program. New concentrations in these programs have been developed to provide training in state-of-the-art research methods and emerging areas of focus in the health sciences. Students come from across the United States and the world to study in our programs and become leaders in health sciences research.

Thank you for visiting our site. A team of accomplished faculty and administrative staff are eager to assist potential students and fellows with inquiries about the programs described within this website. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Neil-Jordan-Headshot-150-225Neil Jordan, PhD
Director, CEHS
Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Preventive Medicine