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Manage Your Career

Faculty Career Development

Faculty at the Feinberg School of Medicine pursue varied paths to achieve meaningful, productive and successful careers. The Faculty Affairs Office supports the diverse interests and career goals of our faculty by offering a directory of programs, services and resources that encourage growth and success in a number of career areas.  Visit Faculty Career Development and identify opportunities that suit your goals and interests.

Document Your Accomplishments

Faculty are expected to demonstrate productivity consistent with their career track or appointment type in order to remain eligible for reappointment or promotion/tenure. Updating your CV and maintaining an ongoing record of your career accomplishments prepares you for periodic performance review and supports your career advancement. View the Feinberg CV template.

Develop Your Online Presence

Your online presence is a mechanism for expanding your professional network, distributing your work and enhancing your impact. Several tools are available to help you promote your work, grow your reputation, and be discovered by colleagues, students, patients, donors, media, and other audiences.

  • Feinberg Faculty Profiles
    Your faculty profile is a tool for documenting your career accomplishments and publicizing your work.
  • NUsites
    Faculty can easily build and manage websites and blogs — free of charge — for academic and research purposes.
  • Faculty Experts Hub
    As an expert, make yourself available to comment on stories across various topic areas as well as trending news.
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