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Hermanos y Hermanas

Being Latinx in medical school is a unique experience. Whether you're a child of immigrants, first in your family to pursue medicine, or just missing home, navigating this training path alone can be hard. Hermanos y Hermanas, a student-run program at Feinberg School of Medicine, offers a supportive community and valuable mentoring opportunities for Latinx-identifying students. The program operates through “structured” and “unstructured” programming.

Unstructured Programming

  • Subsidized one-on-one check-ins with an assigned M2 hermano/a
  • “El Merendero” snack pop-ups, featuring small Latinx bakeries serving foods across Latin America
  • Community dinners celebrating major milestones (e.g., first Phase 1 block completion, entry into Dedicated Study Time)

Structured Programming

Join Hermanos y Hermanas

Those interested in joining Hermanos y Hermanas should contact our office: