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Vice Dean’s Message

Dr. Clyde Yancy headshotWelcome to the epicenter for all matters of belongingness and equity at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Since 2015 we have taken a decidedly intentional and unapologetic approach to new ideation and increased multicultural identities in medicine and science. Our mission: “to change the culture of medicine.” We believe that true excellence as befits a leading academic medical center can be found in our science, our practice, our discovery and especially in our breadth. It is in fact the breadth and vastness of thought that allows us to evolve a leading influence on science, health and healthcare that extends well beyond our reach.

Our top-line goals are immutable, but the environment in which we function is not; today’s realities are painfully acute. Racism, sexism, ableism, xenophobia and other forms of systemic exclusion in aggregate constitute a scourge on our society. We categorically repudiate all exclusions of any sort. As a Black professional acculturated in the Deep South of the '60s, this is personal; I know what it feels like to be excluded, left out and overlooked. In a contemporary society and especially in our institution of higher learning, there can be no room for exclusion. I hold this position as unwavering and share strident support for a welcoming culture with all campus leaders.

We intend for our intentional efforts in belongingness to serve as a steady and indefatigable voice that champions equity regardless of race, ethnicity, country of origin, LGBTQ status or disability. Allow me to unambiguously clear — you have a safe space at Feinberg and you have advocates among our leaders and within our teams.

Visit our site; stop by our offices; engage in our programming. If you are considering attending Feinberg, we are here to inform you and support you; if you are considering training at Feinberg, we have a small army ready to assist; and if you are contemplating teaching or pursuing discovery science here at Feinberg, we/I can accommodate you and provide direction and mentoring.

Our conviction of belongingness is not performative but foundational. We hold this conviction because we know the sting of injustice; we have seen the loss of talent and, indeed, the loss of life. Our conviction is resolute. We intend to change the culture of medicine, and through belongingness — and especially breadth of thought — we will enable all the extraordinary potential at Feinberg to rise to an even higher tier of excellence.

Thank you for your interest in belongingness and equity.

Clyde Yancy, MD, MSc
Vice Dean for Diversity & Inclusion
Chief of Cardiology, Department of Medicine
Magerstadt Professor
Professor in Medicine (Cardiology) and Medical Social Sciences (Determinants of Health)