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Health Equity Poster Session 2024

The Health Equity Poster Session showcases innovative research, interventions and policies aimed at reducing health disparities and promoting equitable healthcare for all populations. This session provides a platform for healthcare professionals, researchers, policymakers and community advocates to present their work and engage in meaningful discussions about health equity. It seeks to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants to develop strategies to improve health outcomes for underserved and marginalized communities.


Key Dates

Abstract Submissions
Opens Aug. 5 and closes on Aug. 19, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

Poster Session
Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2024 from 12 to 2 p.m.


Potocsnak Family Atrium
Robert H. Lurie Research Center
303 E. Superior St.
Chicago, IL 60611

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Key Themes

Social Determinants of Health

Posters will explore how factors such as income, education, environment and social support influence health outcomes and contribute to disparities.

Access to Care

Presentations will address geographical, financial and systemic barriers to healthcare access and propose solutions to improve accessibility.

Cultural Competence

Research on the importance of culturally sensitive care and its impact on patient outcomes will be featured, along with strategies to enhance cultural competence among healthcare providers.

Community-Based Interventions

Posters will explore successful community-driven initiatives aimed at reducing health disparities and improving public health.

Policy and Advocacy

Discussions on the role of policy in shaping health equity, including recent legislative efforts and advocacy work.

Innovative Research and Technologies

New research findings and technological advancements that contribute to health equity will be showcased.

Submission Information


Anyone at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine or its affiliates in the following categories is invited to submit an abstract for poster presentation. 
  • Research staff
  • Faculty
  • Clinical residents and fellows
  • Postdoctoral researchers and fellows
  • MD-PhD (medical scientist) students
  • Medical students
  • Graduate students
Participants must meet eligibility requirements and submit their abstracts by the posted deadline. Participation in the poster session is limited by space on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one abstract per presenter will be accepted. Poster spots will be assigned.

Criteria for Submission

  • The topic of the study represents an important or emerging area of health equity.
  • The background provides sufficient rationale for pursuing the study questions.
  • A clearly stated objective and/or testable hypothesis is presented.
  • The study design is strong and appropriate for testing this hypothesis or fulfilling the study objective.
  • Figures and tables are easy to read and interpret.
  • The results are clearly presented and appear sound based upon the data collected.
  • The discussion reflects a responsible and scientifically credible understanding of the results.
  • The conclusions are consistent with the hypothesis being tested or study objective.
  • The overall appearance, content and final impressions are outstanding.
  • Posters presented at national meetings or other venues are eligible for submission, provided the research was conducted at Feinberg or one of its affiliates.

Submissions that do not adhere to the correct format will not be accepted.


Abstracts are accepted on a first come-first serve basis until we reach capacity. All submissions will be reviewed by Office of Diversity and Inclusion leadership and you will be informed if your abstract is selected.

Poster Requirements, Resources, and Template

Branded Template

If you haven’t yet created a poster, consider using this template.

To obtain files of the Northwestern Medicine and Feinberg logo for poster use, please visit the Office of Communications to download logos and branded materials. Usage guidelines are also available on the Communications site.

Poster Size and Printing

During the Poster Session, projects are presented on large tack boards and positioned throughout the staging area. It is strongly recommended that posters be professionally designed and printed. Posters must not exceed 6 feet in width and 4 feet in height (5 feet wide by 3 feet high is recommended).

Printing and Duplicating Services provides poster printing services to researchers across Northwestern University. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion can provide financial support for printing if needed.

Day-of Session Information

Participants may begin setting up their displays for the Health Equity Poster Session at 11 a.m. Posters must be ready for viewing by 12 p.m. Participants should be available at their poster to discuss their research with attendees during the poster session.

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