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Changing the culture of medicine at Feinberg and beyond.

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion mission is clear: to foster a culture of belongingness and inclusion at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Our strategic efforts target recruitment, education and partnerships with the goal of building diverse and exceptional talent in scholarship, clinical care, leadership and community engagement. Our vision is to make Northwestern a place where students, faculty and staff embrace their identities, find belongingness, and strive to promote health equity, social justice and advocacy.

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Our DEI Initiatives

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Resources & Training

Our directory of diversity and inclusion resources and educational opportunities serves Feinberg students, faculty and staff. We also host a bias reporting portal.

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We offer several programs that aim to create community on campus, highlight diversity and inclusion topics, and support students on the pathway to medical careers.

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We regularly host events and provide a calendar featuring all diversity, equity and inclusion events across campus.

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Feinberg Pathways to Medicine

Tacoma McKnight, ’81 BS, ’83 MD (HPME), ’87 GME

Tacoma McKnight, ’81 BS, ’83 MD (HPME), ’87 GME

“As a child in school, when asked what I wanted to be, I always said I wanted to be a doctor, which often surprised teachers. Many of them, usually from the majority, would respond skeptically, questioning the difficulty of achieving that goal. Their doubts only fueled my determination to prove them wrong."

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Quentin Youmans, MD; Assistant Professor of Medicine

Quentin Youmans, MD; Assistant Professor of Medicine

"I felt welcomed at Northwestern from day one. The most important factor for me was the people. They are warm and knowledgeable. We have excellent teachers here who take educating the next generation of physicians very seriously. I felt like I had a family at Northwestern, and that feeling has only grown."

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Linda Suleiman, MD; Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion; Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery & Medical Education

Linda Suleiman, MD; Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion; Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery & Medical Education

"Northwestern was distinct in my mind, at least initially, because they asked a different question than other institutions: 'What do you hope to accomplish in orthopedics?' This question continues to resonate with me. Here, there was an expectation from the beginning that I belonged, that I was of value, and that I had something to offer not only this institution but also my sub-specialty."

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Support DEI in Medicine

To remain a leading academic medical center, we believe that, in addition to continuing high-impact research and patient care, we must continue to emphasize our breadth of perspectives. Become a supporter of our mission: help make the culture of medicine one where diversity of thought and experience is welcome and everyone is set up for success.


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