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Style Guide

The Office of Communications follows AP Style for all of our publications and websites. The entries below represent frequently used or notable exceptions.

Dr. Title

We list doctoral degrees on first reference (see below), but do not use the "Dr." title in the first or any subsequent reference. This is an exception to AP Style. 

Feinberg Faculty

On first reference, include the degree(s) of all faculty members after their name (e.g., MD, PhD, DO) as well as GME if completed here. Separate dual degrees by a comma when used after a person's first name.

  • John Doe, MD, PhD

Include the faculty member's Feinberg title (including any named professorships) on first reference, as well as a link to the faculty member's profile and any department or division pages.

Professors should be listed as <name>, <faculty title> of <Department> in the Division of <Division>.

For faculty who are division chiefs, list their division first, followed by the department: <name>, chief of <Division> in the Department of <Department>. 

Faculty who are department chairs should list their department affiliation only: <name>, chair of <Department>.

To reduce length or improve clarity, move secondary appointments to second or subsequent references.

Otherwise, omit entirely as appropriate to the story.

Always attempt to include endowed chair titles and dean-level appointments on first reference.

  • Rex L. Chisholm, PhD, vice dean for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Education and Adam and Richard T. Lind Professor of Medical Genetics

Some case-by-case exceptions may be needed for clarity or length.

For departments that do not have divisions, continue the "of" usage without the "Division" phrase.

In a story that mentions multiple faculty members from the same division, second (and subsequent) faculty affiliations can omit the "in the Division of" language. But if different divisions or departments are represented, the full affiliation should be used in all cases.

School Name

Use "Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine" on first reference within a page, and "Feinberg" or "the medical school" on second reference. Never use "Feinberg School of Medicine," "Feinberg School" or "FSM."