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Visiting MD Students

The Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has adopted the VSAS (Visiting Student Application Service) system for receiving and processing visiting student applications. For more information on VSAS, please visit their website or contact VSAS at or 202-478-9878.

Learn more about visiting student opportunities at Feinberg via the links below.

The VSAS system is not designed to process applications from students attending international schools. By adopting this new system, we are forced to make changes with regard to the types of applicants we will accept. Currently, we only accept applications from students who attend the following types of institutions:

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept applicants from schools located outside the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, with the exception of Global Partner institutions.

2016 Visitng Students

Stipend for Students Underrepresented in Medicine:

We welcome students from diverse backgrounds to apply for rotations.  We are providing stipends ranging from $500 to $1,500 to qualified students to help defray the cost of an away rotation. 

For more information, eligibility and the supplemental application form:

Fill out the Stipend application form.

**The stipend application must be received PRIOR to receiving notice of a decision on your main application. Stipend applications uploaded to VSAS after you are notified of a decision on your clerkship application will NOT be considered. If you upload the stipend application AFTER initially submitting your VSAS application, you MUST notify us via email that this has occurred.

Resources for 2016-2017 Applicants

Elective Catalog 2016-2017

Check the elective descriptions carefully in the Elective Catalog. Some (but not all) departments have specific requirements or dates when they don't take visitors.

2016-2017 VSAS application information
Rotation Calendar 2016-2017
2015-2016 Forms (Immunization/Health Form, Confirmation)

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