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The MS-RSM program supports students from matriculation to graduation. Students will meet with program leadership in the fall and spring quarters. These meetings help ensure that students are achieving programmatic milestones so that they successfully progress toward graduation. These meetings also provide a platform for students to discuss successes, challenges, coursework, professional development and any other topics related to the program or being a student at Northwestern. Program leadership has an open-door policy, and students are encouraged to meet anytime.

Students are encouraged to connect with all faculty and research staff within the broader Center for Reproductive Science and Northwestern communities as sources of professional and scientific guidance.

Thesis Track Students

Students on the thesis track identify research mentors during Q1 and join laboratories at the beginning of Q2. Research mentors are responsible for advising and providing direction to students on their thesis projects. The thesis track students also assemble a thesis committee who evaluates and provides scientific guidance on their thesis proposals, progress reports and final thesis defense.

Non-Thesis Track Students

Students on the non-thesis track obtain research advising through faculty leading REPR_SCI 442: Reproductive Research I and REPR_SCI 443: Reproductive Research II.

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