Current Students & Alumni

Keeping the reproductive science and medicine pipeline strong.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Graduates are now pursuiting:

  • Advanced training (MD, PhD, MSTP, PharmD, residency)
  • Research careers (laboratory management, research operations, bench science)
  • Clinical careers (embryology, andrology, clinical research, regulatory and compliance)
  • Consulting careers (industry, pharmaceuticals)

A Wide Alumni Network

After completing the program, MS-RSM graduates become part of the MS-RSM Alumni Network, which provides a place for MS-RSM alumni to connect with current students, faculty and staff. The Alumni Network is a collaborative community where alumni can expand their network, build professional relationships, share career resources, seek/provide support and mentorship and discuss issues and news in the reproductive science and medicine world.

Meet the Students

Get to know our program's current trainees and see where our alumni have taken their careers.


I think that the multidisciplinary network is one of the most valuable aspects of the CRS. There are so many research areas and labs working in various aspects of the reproductive sciences that make the perfect networking and knowledge-rich environment."

Sergio Cardona-Gonzalez, MS, MD, Class of 2018

I knew that this program would be a great step toward advancing my career in medicine; it is renowned for having the best researchers in the field of reproductive medicine, technology and human reproductive health."

Monica Elabed, MS, Class of 2020

I became a scientist thanks to the CRS and the MS-RSM program."

Dana Kimelman, MS, MD, Class of 2018

The knowledge and experience obtained through the curriculum provided a detailed understanding of reproductive medicine that I never would have received if I did not go through the MS-RSM program. It was truly an enlightening experience."

Sharron Manuel, MS, MD, PhD, Class of 2019

During my time in the program, my science communication skills have grown immensely. I’ve gained confidence and taken ownership of my science, which I’ve communicated across multiple formats."

Jamie Mara, MS, Class of 2020

The more I learned about the MS-RSM program, the more I realized it was the perfect blend of science and medicine I was looking for."

Jenna Mazur, MS, Class of 2020

The networking I did at Northwestern created many opportunities for me, and led to job interviews, my involvement in research projects and the chance to see my first surgery."

Noelle Ozimek, MS, Class of 2020

A lot of my growth in the program is attributed to the connections I’ve made with colleagues and faculty who have taken the time to instruct me and guide me. I have grown so much as a person and scientist because of the MS-RSM."

Vanessa Rosa, MS, Class of 2020

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