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Northwestern Simulation Program in Healthcare Communication

Clinician communication skills impact outcomes for patients, their loved ones, the healthcare system and clinicians themselves. Fortunately, a robust body of evidence shows that communication skills are teachable. The Northwestern Simulation Program in Healthcare Communication provides evidence-based communication skills training for Northwestern medical students, residents, fellows and faculty. The program is also the academic home for a robust group of medical educators at Northwestern who are working together to study and optimize communication skills training models. The group specializes in Mastery Learning for Communication Skills training.

About the Program

An instructor practices a difficult conversation with a patient, placing a hand on theirs.

Communications Skills Courses

Current and ongoing course offerings

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A physician in a white coat stares at a patient in a healthcare simulation.

Northwestern Resources

Pocket guides, videos and references to build upon what you learn in the courses

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Online Training & Tools

Helpful links to national communication skills training programs as well as other references and online resources

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