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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Department of Medical Education


Browse the list below to view some of the Department of Medical Education's recent contributions to the medical education community.


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Henschen BL. The Education-Centered Medical Home: An Innovative, Team-Based, Longitudinal Curriculum to Cultivate Physician Leaders in 21st-century Medicine. American Medical Association ChangeMedEd Conference, October 2015, Chicago, IL.

O'Brien CL, Green MM. Examining the Predictive Validity of a Pre-clerkship Portfolio Assessment of Medical Students. American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, April 2016, Washington DC.

Awards and Grants

2015 Duncan Neuhauser Curricular Innovation Award in Healthcare Improvement (3rd place)
Submission title: The Education-Centered Medical Home: A Novel Longitudinal Clerkship Model Focused on Quality Improvement
Recipients: Bierman J, Henschen BL, Ryan E, Thomas JX, Wayne DB, Woods D

CGEA Mini-grant, Single Application
Title: Evaluating the portfolio's ability to identify behavioral patterns in medical students that impact clerkship performance
Principle Investigator: O'Brien CL
Co-Investigator: Green MM

2014 National Faculty Teaching Award, American College of Emergency Physicians
Recipient: Gisondi MA

2014 National Junior Faculty Teaching Award, American College of Emergency Physicians
Recipient: Salzman DH

SAEM (Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Fellowship) Approval for Medical Education Fellowship
Recipient: Gisondi MA