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The Northwestern Surgical Outcomes and Quality Improvement Center is a collaborative health services, outcomes, patient safety, and quality improvement research enterprise between the Department of Surgery, the Northwestern Center for Healthcare Studies, the Department of Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH), the Northwestern Institute for Comparative Effectiveness Research in Oncology (NICER Onc), and others. Our research focuses on examining the quality of care delivered across the United States and subsequently developing strategies to improve healthcare quality.  Our research spans all the surgical specialties, but we have a particular focus on general surgery and surgical oncology.  Moreover, we work with NMH on numerous practical quality improvement initiatives, including American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP) operations.


SOQIC, along with its collaborators, has published over 200 articles in high-impact peer-reviewed journals over the past few years, and the faculty regularly present at national meetings.  Faculty members on a number of high-profile national committees in leadership positions.


SOQIC offers surgical residents a 2-year full-time postdoctoral fellowship in health services, outcomes and quality improvement research to prepare them for a career in academic surgery. Fellows earn a Master’s and receive close mentorship from surgical faculty, collaborators, and SOQIC staff. We typically mentor 6 research fellows who join us from various departments across the country. SOQIC also offers an annual Outcomes Research Course for clinicians looking to expand their knowledge of research design and methodology, receive feedback on their projects, and identify collaborators. For more information please visit their website.

Our Projects

Learn more about our initiatives via the Department of Surgery site.

Karl Bilimoria, MD, MS


Karl Bilimoria, MD, MS

Faculty Research Collaborators/Co-PIs


Anthony Yang, MD MS

Julie K. Johnson, MSPH, PhD

Jonah Stulberg, MD PhD MPH

David Odell, MD MMSc

David Bentrem, MD MS

Amy Halverson, MD

Jeanette Chung, PhD

Mike McGee, MD

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Jane Holl, MD MPH


Thomas Kmiecik, PhD

Center Administrator

Allison Dahlke, MPH