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Research in our department occurs in a highly collegial atmosphere that involves interdisciplinary collaborations across the departments and institutes of Feinberg School of Medicine and extend to our Evanston campus. We place strong emphasis in mechanistic studies that integrate genomics, molecular biology, biochemistry and are supported by comprehensive quantification and biostatistics.

Recently renamed from the Department of Cell & Molecular Biology to the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology, we are undergoing a significant expansion in areas related to developmental biology.

Areas of Focus

Cell Biology of HIV

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Neuroscience & Alzheimer's

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Nuclear Architecture & Function

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Areas of Focus

Affiliated Centers

Center for Advanced Microscopy

The Center for Advanced Microscopy at Northwestern offers state-of-the art instrumentation and services for the study of biological processes at the whole animal, tissue, cellular and subcellular levels. The facility’s basic services include electron microscopy, super resolution microscopy (SIM & STORM), fluorescence laser scanning and spinning disk microscopy, fluorescent lifetime imaging, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy microscopy, automated high throughput tissue cytometry, laser capture microdissection, multiphoton imaging and whole animal bioluminescent and fluorescent imaging. It's home to the Nikon Imaging Center.


Our Facilities

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