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Chair's Message

Luisa Iruela-Arispe in white coatThis is an exciting time for cell and developmental biologists. Our ability to reach inside the cell to interrogate, test hypotheses and explore is unprecedented. Along these lines, the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms that generate and maintain cell diversity and those involved in sensing and responding to microenvironments and stressors.  

Our work expands multiple disciplines and areas of study, including cytoskeleton, stem cell biology and regeneration, neurobiology, HIV and cancer. Our faculty interfaces and collaborates with bioengineers, chemists, physicists, computer scientists and mathematicians to decipher complex cellular responses. At the core of our mission is the training to the next generation of scientists, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, with them as partners, we expand the limits of scientific inquiry.

Luisa Iruela-Arispe, PhD
Chair, Department of Cell & Developmental Biology
Stephen Walter Ranson Professor of Cell Biology

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