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News and Breakthroughs

Read the latest news from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine’s Center for Community Health. The links below take you to articles where you can learn more about our institute's latest events and accomplishments.


These regularly updated bulletins from the Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities (ARCC) offer community and academic partners information on events, grant opportunities, calls for papers, proposals and other resources in public health and community engagement.

  • 09.19.2022

    More than 480 investigators, students, trainees and faculty presented scientific posters and abstracts at Feinberg’s 16th Annual Lewis Landsberg Research Day.

  • 04.05.2021

    The combined efforts of the Mather Institute, Center for Community Health at Northwestern University and learning and development partner – Illumina Interactive – have successfully built a virtual version of a Data Walk, an Innovative Way to Share Data with Communities (originally developed by The Urban Institute).

  • 03.19.2021

    As communities of color are burdened by COVID-19, community organizers bring stories to life while highlighting their broader missions

  • 02.28.2021

    The Center for Community Health (CCH) and Center for Food Allergy and Asthma Research (CFAAR) at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine awards COVID-19 Response and Recovery Grants to 24 local organizations.

  • 11.11.2020

    Mothers and Babies is a Program led by Dr. Darius Tandon in the Center for Community Health and is an evidence-based intervention that prevents postpartum depression and its long-term effects on both mother and child.

  • 11.10.2020

    The Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities (ARCC)/Northwestern University Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS) in partnership with Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) will fund Seed Grants that support the development of partnerships, that engage communities and stakeholders most impacted by health inequities in research collaboration with Northwestern research teams

  • 11.10.2020

    The Center for Community Health (CCH) remains committed to equity and anti-racism. CCH's mission is to catalyze, support, and conduct meaningful community and academic engagement across the research spectrum to improve health and health equity.

  • 09.04.2020

    The CCH and NUCATS awards additional COVID-19 Response and Recovery Grants to 4 more local organizations.

  • 01.27.2020

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