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Mothers and Babies Program Expands Thanks to Perigee Fund

Mothers and Babies is a Program led by Dr. Darius Tandon in the Center for Community Health and is an evidence-based intervention that prevents postpartum depression and its long-term effects on both mother and child.

Across the country, community-based organizations and public health agencies have been requesting training to implement the Mothers and Babies program and thanks to a generous grant from the Perigee Fund, a Seattle-based philanthropic organization committed to advancing maternal and mental health, the program will expand to meet more of this demand. "Perigee Fund has partnered with Mothers and Babies because of the importance of meeting birthing people with risk factors for postpartum depression with prevention," said Becca Graves, executive director of Perigee Fund. "The program's model is compelling because it is designed for families affected by poverty, racism, and trauma, and because it can be delivered through both home-visiting programs and clinics. Among other aims, Perigee's funding will help keep training resources and relationships fresh, effective, and accessible as demand for Mothers and Babies spreads in communities."

Dr. Tandon believes the Mothers and Babies program is now more important than ever.

"The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be really profound," he said. "Even after the virus is under control, the economic repercussions will stay with us, creating more stress for families. Our program provides tangible skills and techniques to support moms so that their mood doesn't spiral out of control when they face these stressors on top of being pregnant and caring for a new baby."

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