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Building Shared Understanding Through Data

The combined efforts of the Mather Institute, Center for Community Health at Northwestern University and learning and development partner – Illumina Interactive – have successfully built a virtual version of a Data Walk, an Innovative Way to Share Data with Communities (originally developed by The Urban Institute). 

In our Age Well Data Walk we share survey data reports from Years 1 and 2 of a 5 year landmark study of the impact of living in a Life Plan Community together with interview research findings. The overall goal of the longitudinal study is to examine the impact of transitioning to a Life Plan Community on resident health and wellness. The first two Age Well study reports shared findings from surveys completed in 2018 and 2019. Interviews with residents in Evanston and Milwaukee took place in the period between these two reports. The Year 3 Report is now available and the fourth round of surveys is underway. 

Plans for follow up interviews in 2020/1 had to be halted in response to the COVID pandemic.  Our virtual data walk is our substitution for those interviews and our solution to keeping the conversation going and hearing directly from residents about the impact the pandemic has had on health and wellness in Life Plan Communities.

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