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Our unique, one-year epidemiology program is offered through the Program in Public Health at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine’s Center for Education in Health Sciences. All students complete intensive formal training in biostatistics, public health and epidemiology. MS in Epidemiology students will also complete a thesis centered on an epidemiologic research project involving real-world data.

The field of epidemiology is changing as we combat novel plus re-emerging public health threats with new methods and technologies. These threats include everything from COVID-19 to cancer, as well as ensuring that studies are ethical and aimed towards reducing disparities. The demand for well-trained epidemiologists and the opportunities provided by an MS in Epidemiology degree will only continue to increase."

Elizabeth Hibler, PhD, MPH
Program Director, Master of Epidemiology


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Our program is affiliated with the Center for Education in Health Sciences within the Institute for Public Health and Medicine.
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