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Council Bylaws

The Medical Faculty Council last revised council bylaws in 2010. You can review our current bylaws below. To see past iterations of the MFC bylaws, please contact us.

Medical School Faculty Senate & Council Bylaws

Article I: Introduction

  1. The name of the organization shall be the Northwestern University Medical Faculty Senate (MFS).
  2. The MFS will serve as the voice of the Faculty of Feinberg School of Medicine (FSM), Northwestern University (NU). It will concern itself with the interests and well being of FSM Faculty and will serve to advance the quality of FSM. It will cooperate with Administration of FSM and NU while maintaining vigilant to all aspects of the relationship between the faculty and administration and issues affecting faculty.
  3. The Medical Faculty Council (MFC) will be a non-legislative steering committee of the MFS with representation from all departments of FSM. It will serve as an advisory group on issues significant to FSM and the faculty and will serve as a liaison between the faculty and administration of FSM.
  4. All activities of either group will be subject to the statutes of NU.
  5. Amendments to these bylaws are subject to discussion and a majority vote of the MFC.

Article II: Membership and Voting Privileges in the Senate

  1. All faculty members of FSM are members of the MFS. No distinction shall be made to the type of faculty appointment.
  2. Voting privileges for the execution of Senate business are extended to all members of the MFS (all faculty).
  3. Voting on any new issue will only occur in the subsequent meeting after the issue was suggested and discussed.
  4. Members may vote by proxy or send a vote virtually ( if they cannot attend the meeting in person.

Article III: Representatives to the Council

  1. Each department or its equivalent of FSM will have a MFC representative who will be selected by the faculty or Chair of the department. This responsibility can be shared by two individuals to ensure more consistent representation by the department.
  2. A representative of the Dean of the Medical School and the Medical Librarian will be members ex-officio.
  3. Any faculty member who is selected by their department is eligible to serve.
  4. The length of service shall be determined by each department.

Article IV: Officers and Meetings and Responsibilities


  1. The MFC shall meet at least eight (8) times during the year at a time and place determined by the members of the council.
  2. The officers of the MFC shall be the President, President-elect (Vice-President) and Past President. The officers are elected by members of the council on an annual basis.
  3. Decisions shall be based on a majority vote of those representatives present. A quorum shall be required for voting and shall be defined as 30% of the MFC members.
  4. An agenda shall be distributed at least two (2) days prior to each meeting and made available on the website (
  5. Minutes of each meeting shall be distributed to the faculty within two weeks of each meeting and made available on the website.
  6. The MFC may form ad hoc subcommittees as it deems necessary.
  7. The Council may receive requests from the Medical School Administration for nominations to FSM committees and the Council will attempt to fill those requests with faculty members with interest and expertise appropriate to the demands of the FSM committee


  1. The MFS shall meet at least once each year. Additional meetings can be called at the request of the MFC based on the need for timely faculty input on an issue of importance.
  2. The president of the MFC shall serve as the president of the MFS. The president-elect (Vice President) shall serve as the secretary of the MFS. In the absence of the President, the President-elect (Vice President) shall preside and the past president shall serve as the secretary.
  3. Notice of a meeting and an agenda shall be sent to the faculty at least one (1) month prior to a regularly scheduled meeting. This requirement shall be waived if the meeting is of an emergent nature. In such case, there must be at least one (1) week notice.
  4. “Roberts Rules of Order” shall govern all meetings.
  5. Decisions will be based on a simple majority vote of those members present. A quorum for voting shall be 25 members. Voting will be available and acceptable both in person and virtually. All voting will be counted if it is submitted (in person or virtually) within the deadline set.

Article V: Amendments

  1. Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed in writing by five (5) members of the MFC or 15 members of the MFS.
  2. Proposed amendments will be voted upon by the MFC at its next meeting. If an amendment receives a simple majority of votes, it will be forwarded to the entire faculty.
  3. The MFS shall vote on the proposed amendment at its next meeting and an amendment shall be considered ratified if it receives a vote of a 2/3 majority of the MFS.

Article VI: Ratification

  1. These bylaws, if ratified, shall supercede the 1979 bylaws and shall be considered ratified if affirmed by a 2/3 majority vote of the MFS and shall be effective immediately.

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