Six complementary and interdisciplinary centers.

Potocsnak Center for Aging & HIV

The science behind HIV and aging is a cornerstone of our research and can teach us all about the fundamental biology of aging. Visit the center's page to learn more.

Center for Basic & Translational Biology

Providing cognitive and programmatic consolidation of existing programs in the area of aging and longevity. 

Human Longevity Laboratory

Developing and refining a set of genetic, molecular, physiological and structural measures that reveal biological age and aging-related morbidity in humans. Visit the lab's page for more information.

Center for Nanoscience & Aging

Using Northwestern's expertise in nanoscience, bioengineering and chemistry, this center will focus on the development of new diagnostics and therapeutic devices and agents.

Center for Population Science & Aging

Defining the genetic, molecular, proteomic and metabolomic signatures of aging using the power of large human biorepositories and datasets.

Northwestern’s Claude D. Pepper Older Americans’ Independence Center

Improving primary care management of older, more medically complex adults living with multiple chronic conditions. Visit the site for more information.

Collaborative Feinberg Centers

The Mesulam Center

Our partners at the Mesulam Center for Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease are committed to providing quality care through our affiliated care sites, conducting research on how the brain coordinates mental functions, transferring the benefits of research to afflicted patients and preparing future scientists and clinicians in our field.

Visit the Mesulam Center website
The CAHRA team

Center for Applied Health Research on Aging

Our partners at CAHRA are dedicated to promoting informed decision-making and actions leading to optimal health and well-being among individuals and families over the life span.

Visit their center's site