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Five complementary and interdisciplinary centers.

Potocsnak Center for Aging & HIV

The science behind HIV and aging is a cornerstone of our resesarch and can teach us all about the fundamental biology of aging. Visit the center's page to learn more.

Center for Basic & Translational Biology

Providing cognitive and programmatic consolidation of existing programs in the area of aging and longevity. 

Human Longevity Laboratory

Developing and refining a set of genetic, molecular, physiological and structural measures that reveal biological age and aging-related morbidity in humans.

Center for Nanoscience & Aging

Using Northwestern's expertise in nanoscience, bioengineering and chemistry, this center will focus on the development of new diagnostics and theraputic devices and agents.

Center for Population Science & Aging

Defining the genetic, molecular, proteomic and metabolomic signatures of aging using the power of large human biorepositories and datasets.