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Food Allergy

As a disease, food allergies remain poorly understood— what are food allergies? Why are they different between people? What is responsible for the increase in food allergies? What are the differences between sensitized individuals from reactive individuals? What can we do to improve therapy? Until we improve therapy, how do we improve quality of life?  What policies are needed?  How do we improve management by physicians, schools and caretakers?

In order to answer these questions, cooperation and sharing between investigators and clinicians is vital.  This program, a collaboration between investigators and clinicians, would provide investigators access to well-defined food allergic patients and the logistical infrastructure to support scientific inquiry as well as provide clinicians access to cutting-edge research and scientific expertise.  It is only through these types of collaboration that major advances can occur.

Our Goals

The goal of this program is to establish a network of clinicians and investigators to work together towards improving the lives of food allergy patients.

Specific Goals include:

  1. Engaging and integrating the private practice Allergy community with research investigators at the tertiary medical center sites.
  2. Establishing a large information database on food allergy patients to support prospective and retrospective epidemiological studies.
  3. To establish regular access to large numbers of patients undergoing food challenges (using the PRACTALL guidelines) for scientific discovery.
  4. To establish a network that can support large clinical trials of emerging therapeutics for food allergies.

Our Projects

Ruchi Gupta, MD MPH



Paul Bryce, PhD

Anne Marie Singh, MD


Ashley Dyer, MPH
Research Project Manager

Claudia Lau
Research Coordinator

Jesse Blumenstock
Research Project Coordinator 

Victoria Rivkina, MPH
Research Project Coordinator

Collaborating Centers

Department of Medicine,
Division of Allergy & Immunology

Department of Pediatrics,
Division of Allergy & Immunology

Department of Pediatrics,
General Academic Pediatrics

Department of Medicine,

Department of Pediatrics,

Center for Genetic Medicine

Proteomic Center of Excellence

Biostatistics Collaboration Center