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The Center for Healthcare Studies has particular expertise in research about the delivery, equity, safety and quality, efficiency, and effectiveness to transform healthcare. Specifically, the Center for Healthcare Studies has significant expertise and capability  to conduct collaborative research to contribute to the redesign and transformation of healthcare to deliver the highest quality, safest, scientifically driven and personalized care, to  advance the standardization and harmonization of data elements and collection methods and to develop and use innovative study design and analytic methods that fully exploit existing data and explicate complex causal pathways of healthcare and health, and to pursue new lines of inquiry about the U.S. health disadvantage.

About Healthcare Studies

Following passage of the “Affordable Care Act” in 2010, the US has embarked on important reform and redesign of the healthcare system. Significant intervention and evaluation studies of all aspects of the system and their relationships to health outcomes need to be conducted.

In a January 2013 Institute of Medicine report: “U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health,” the considerable and growing US health disadvantage compared to other high-income nations was highlighted. The report outlines multiple contributing factors such as deficiencies in the US healthcare system, inadequate integration between the healthcare system, public health services, and health policy, adverse social and economic conditions; unfavorable individual health behaviors, and the detrimental physical and social environments of US communities.

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