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Interdisciplinary training program for pre- and postdoctoral KUH trainees across Chicago

The city of Chicago has a rich history of innovation in manufacturing, art and science. The 6 public and private academic institutions that compose the interdisciplinary Chicago Kidney Urology Hematology network FOR city-Wide reseArch tRaining and career Development (Chicago KUH FORWARD) are committed to the “second to none” spirit of the city and are eager to innovate KUH research training.

Our Mission

We are developing a city-wide environment encompassing a continuum of education, training and career development, within which aspiring researchers have access to ideas, successful role models, peer trainees, scientific information, and methodological support. This ecosystem will promote both opportunities for individual development and the growth of cross-disciplinary teams to address important problems in nephrology, urology and hematology.

Connect With Us

Graduate Research Resources

We offer a wide range of resources, mentorship opportunities and training to help our residents and fellows excel as physician-scientists. Explore all of the resources and hear from housestaff who are making research a major part of their career development plans.


Diversity & Inclusion

Our program and all of our participating institutions and partners are committed to sustaining a diverse and inclusive training and mentoring environment. We believe diversity and inclusivity is necessary for the innovation we pursue.