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The Chicago KUH FORWARD U2C/TL1 award brings together six public and private academic institutions in Chicago to propel KUH training and research. The U2C cooperative component provides central coordination and resources to support the Administrative, Professional Development, and Network Cores. The TL1 component supports the efforts of the Training Core to recruit and train pre- and post-doctoral fellows in KUH research.



 Administrative Core

The Administrative Core ensures effective function of Chicago KUH FORWARD through shared governance, collaborative workflow, continual assessment and improvement, and disseminating the work and successes of trainees through yearly meetings.

 Network Core

The primary goal of the Network Core is to foster a vibrant community, in which trainees feel valued, supported and connected and are eager to pay it forward through interactions with high school, college and medical students.

 Professional Development Core

The primary goal of the Professional Development Core is to advance the professional skills that are essential for ensuring trainees have successful careers in the KUH fields.

 Training Core

The Training Core trains KUH predoctoral trainees and postdoctoral scholars in an innovative and interdisciplinary training program that converges on cross-cutting tools to be utilized across diseases, fields, or questions.

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