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Video Gallery

Explore our video gallery, and learn more about the work our faculty are doing in their labs.

Ali Shilatifard’s Lab: Studying Epigenetic Basis of Cancer

Ali Shilatifard, PhD, has dedicated his career to revealing the causes of childhood leukemia and other cancers and providing detailed molecular insight into the role of epigenetics in cancer. Currently, he is working on preclinical studies focused on the deadly childhood cancer, acute myelogenous leukemia.

Elizabeth Bartom's Lab: Computational Biology

Bartom designs tools and approaches to help scientists analyze next generation sequencing data.

Clara Peek's Lab: Studying Circadian Rhythms

Peek's lab aims to uncover the physiological impact of the circadian clock on nutrient-responsive regulatory pathways, including oxygen-sensing transcriptional networks.

Arthur Prindle's Lab: Synthetic Biology in Microbial Communities

Prindle's lab combines synthetic biology, computational modeling and custom microfluidic devices.

Lihua Zou’s Lab: Linking Functions of Cancer Genomics

Zou's lab is using cancer genome data to make precision medicine a reality.

Issam Ben-Sahra's Lab: Studying Metabolism

Issam Ben-Sahra's lab investigates the regulation of metabolic pathways in cancer.

Kyle Eagen’s Lab: Studying DNA folding

The goal of Kyle Eagan's lab is to understand how DNA is folded inside our cells.

Liming Li's Lab: Investigating Yeast Mechanisms Relating to Disease

Liming Li explores complex prion diseases at the most fundamental level.

Panagiotis Ntziachristos' Lab: Pediatric Cancer Networks

Ntziachristos' focus is epigenetics and understanding mechanisms of resistance to therapy in pediatric cancers.

Joshua Meeks’ Lab: The Epigenetics of Bladder Cancer

Meeks’ research interests focus on both the epigenetics and genetic mutations associated with cancer biology.

Marc Mendillo’s Lab: Studying Stress Response Networks

Mendillo's lab aims to uncover the physiological impact of the circadian clock on nutrient-responsive regulatory pathways, including oxygen-sensing transcriptional networks.

John Crispino’s Lab: Malignant Blood Cell Development

Research in the Crispino lab is focused on investigating the regulatory mechanisms governing normal and malignant blood cell development.

Benjamin Singer’s Lab: Exploring Respiratory Failure

Singer's lab focuses on determinants of resolution and repair of acute lung inflammation and injury.

Jaehyuk Choi's Lab: Using Genomic Approaches to Study Skin Cancer

Choi's lab uses cutting-edge genomics to study incurable skin cancers with a primary focus on cutaneous T cell lymphoma.

Neil Kelleher's Lab: Studying Top Down Proteomics

The core of the Kelleher Team is built around expertise in technology development for complex mixture analysis using Fourier-Transform Mass Spectrometry for targeted applications in proteomics and metabolomics.

Navdeep Chandel’s Lab: Studying the Role of Mitochondria in Disease

Chandel’s lab is investigating how metabolism controls diseases.

Welcome to the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Step inside the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and meet the scientists who are investigating the biochemical, structural, enzymological, molecular and genetic bases of human disease.

Daniel Foltz's Lab: Chromosome Segregation and Epigenetics

Foltz’s lab explores epigenetic mechanisms that regulate chromosome segregation.

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