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7th Grade STEM Field Trip

Press Release

St. Symphorosa


Students were able to see what cells looked like under the microscope and learn about microscopy in cancer research.

"I really enjoyed seeing all of the cancer cells and using microscopes. Thank you so much for this experience, it will be one I never forget."

Molecular Biology (DNA and Protein Gel)

"This trip was one of the best trips I have been on and I thank you for that. I noticed how the scientists were also pretty diverse which to me was something that I felt was wicked cool to see."


Students were able to interact and see how next generation sequencing is done. 

"I was never really into science, but when I went there I was really impressed and interested in so many things and I am beyond grateful you chose my class to see it all." 


After seeing different ways of conducting research, students were able to see how all of the data comes together.

Medical Animation

Everyone was able to see how art plays a role in science and how medical animations are created for the lab. 

"My favorite station was the one with the female designer and the questions my peers and I thought of were very interesting."

Flow Cytometry

"They did not let down when I saw how chromosomes worked and the variety of genetics jobs."

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