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8th Grade STEM Field Trip

"Thank you all for this most amazing opportunity for our scholars. They were so excited when they returned and eager to share all that they had seen and done...I am so grateful to all of you for opening your world to us!" -Jennifer Farrand, Principal


Students were able to see what cells looked like under the microscope and learn about microscopy in cancer research.

Molecular Biology (DNA and Protein Gel)

Students were able to learn about and see DNA!


Students were able to interact with the NGS robot and see how next generation sequencing is done. 

Meet the Professor

Students were able to speak with the head of the department and ask questions about what it is like to be a scientist.

Medical Animation

Everyone was able to see how art plays a role in science and how the Medical Animator creates animations for the lab. 

Flow Cytometry

Students were able to see how chromosomes work and what flow cytometry is.

Lunch at Gino's East!

Students were invited to eat with the lab members at Gino's East before leaving.

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