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We welcome your questions and comments at the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute's Clinical Trials Unit (BCVI-CTU). Please contact our administrative office via the information below.

General Inquiries

Clinical Trials Unit
Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Arkes Pavilion
676 N. St. Clair St., Suite 1700
Chicago, IL 60611-2969

Fax: 312-695-6854
Phone: 312-926-4000

Patient Care

Feinberg is not a patient care destination. Our faculty members see patients through Feinberg-affiliated care sites. Learn more via our Patient Care page. 

Our Team


Lynne Goodreau, RN, BSN, MS Administrative Director                        
Anna Huskin, RN, BSN, CCRC Associate Director, Research Development
Hamorabi Mkrdichian, CCRC, CPhT Senior Manager, Research Oversight
Meredith Chappell, MSN, RN, CCRC Research Operations Manager
Sylwia Clarke Research Operations Manager
Corrine Benacka, MSN, RN, CCRN Quality Outcomes Manager
Abigail Baldridge, MS Director of Statistics
Anna Eiskamp, MA Senior Financial Administrator

CTU Research Coordinators

Achettu, Melissa Clinical Research Coordinator
Ardehali, Ali Research Study Coordinator
Belback, Madeleine Clinical Research Coordinator
Carswell, Amy (CCRC) Research Project Manager, Electrophysiology
Christensen, Lyndsay (RN, CCRC) Clinical Research Nurse
DeTella, Mia Research Study Coordinator
Gray, Kaysi Clinical Research Coordinator
Harap, Rebecca (RN) Clinical Research Nurse
Hernandez, Berenice Clinical Research Coordinator
Herrera, Annette (MA) Clinical Research Coordinator
Hill, Janet Research Study Coordinator
McCloskey, Elle (RN) Clinical Research Nurse
Murrin, Lauren (MA, CCRC) Research Project Manager, Interventional 
Mylavarapu, Uma (MPH) Research Study Coordinator
Nelson, Savren Program Coordinator
Nguyen, Sadie Research Study Coordinator
Ouellette, Nicole Research Data Analyst Associate
Quintero, Leslie Research Study Coordinator
Rasberry, Kiersten Clinical Research Coordinator
Romanenko, Annalisa Research Study Coordinator
Roshevsky, Daniel (MS, CCRC) Research Project Manager, Heart Failure
Saltzman, Taylor (RN) Clinical Research Nurse
Schormann, Elizabeth Research Program Coordinator
Silverman, Andrea Research Study Coordinator
Stat, Madison Clinical Research Coordinator
Sterkowicz, Gabriela Research Study Coordinator
Turner, Dominique Clinical Research Coordinator
Yalavarthi, Ashitha (MHI) Research Study Coordinator

CTU Regulatory and Finance

Dixon-Evans, Jerian (MHA, CCRP) Research Administrator
Herzog, Kevin Regulatory Specialist
Kappel, Nicole Regulatory Coordinator
Ledesma, Jazmin Research Administrator
Lewers, Monica Research Administrator
Martin, Katrina Senior Regulatory Coordinator
Miloshevski, Dejan (MBA) Financial Coordinator
Roviso, Nicole Financial Administrator
Sokalski, Suzanne Senior Regulatory and Compliance Coordinator

CTU Outcomes and Quality

Albert, Taranee Clinical Research Associate
Eatmon, Shanika (MS, RN) Clinical Research Associate
Fredette, Michelle (MS) Senior Data Assistant
Gabrielse, Jennifer (MS, RN) Clinical Research Associate
King, Maria (RN) Clinical Research Associate
Lewis, Todd (RN) Clinical Research Nurse
Mitchell, Caroline Clinical Research Associate

CTU Biostatistics and Data 

Byrd, Heather (MS) Research Data Analyst Associate
Chowdhury, Ravi (MPH) Research Data Analyst
Meng, Daisy (MS) Statistical Analyst
Wu, Tingqing (MS) Statistical Analyst