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Prostate Cancer Support Group

The Prostate Cancer Support Group allows patients, survivors, families and caregivers to learn more about prostate cancer, share experiences and receive support.

The group meets the second Wednesday of each month from 6:00-7:30 PM on the 20th floor of the Galter Pavilion (675 N. St. Clair St.)  in room 20-250. Facilitated by the Us TOO Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network, these interactive groups facilitate conversations to exchange information among group members assembled with the common goal of empowering each other with the knowledge that comes from experience.

A variety of educational topics targeting all prostate cancer patients are presented at meeting events scheduled throughout the year. Topics will include treatment options and the potential impact of side effects on a man and his spouse or partner, and his overall quality of life, choices about active surveillance, and genetic testing.

We welcome all people affected by prostate cancer, including patients, caregivers, spouses and partners. You don't have to receive care at Northwestern Medicine to attend.


Wellness Programs for Patients, Caregivers and Families

Wellness Consultations

Our Wellness Associate will meet one-on-one with patients and/or their loved ones free of charge to discuss strategies to help ease the stress and anxiety associated with a new diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Topics include education on exercise during and after treatment, education on pelvic floor and core strengthening exercises to manage side effects of treatment, and techniques for handling stress.

Consultations are held in person in Galter 20-250 or via telephone with our Wellness Associate, Sheri Minnick, MS, GFI, RYT-200.

To schedule an appointment, email  or call (312)694-6082.


Guided Relaxation

The practice of guided relaxation aims to relax the body, breath and mind.

Participate in an online guided stress reduction session with Sheri Minnick, MS, E-RYT. 

Seated, guided relaxation sessions are offered the first Tuesday of the month from 2-3 PM in Galter 20-250.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to breathe properly and deepen the breath
  • Train the breath to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows the body to rest and relax
  • Alleviate stress through a systematic guided relaxation of the body
  • Engage in a mindful meditation practice at the end of class to rest the mind

The sessions will be led by Sheri Minnick, MS, E-RYT, who manages programs at Northwestern Medicine and provides specialty classes to meet the needs of individuals in and out of cancer treatment.

Registration is required. To register, email  or call (312)694-6082.

There is no cost to attend, and parking is available at a reduced rate.

For questions or additional information, please call (312) 694-6082.

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