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The following are published articles from NUTORC collaborators March - June 2020.

  1. Patients With Persistently Low MELD-Na Scores Continue to Be at Risk of Liver-related Death
    Mazumder NR, Atiemo K, Daud A, Kho A, Abecassis M, Levitsky J, Ladner DP
    2020 Transplantation
  2. Kidney Graft Surveillance Biopsy Utilization and Trends: Results From a Survey of High-Volume Transplant Centers
    Lee DM, Abecassis MM, Friedewald JJ, Rose S, First MR
    2020 Transplant Proceedings
  3. Neuropraxia: An Underappreciated Morbidity of Liver Transplantation
    Craig-Schapiro R, Krepostman N, Ravi M, Mazumder N, Daud A, Ladner DP
    2020 Journal of Surgical Research
  4. Approach and Management of Hypertension After Kidney Transplantation
    Tantisattamo E, Molnar MZ, Ho BT, Reddy UG, Dafoe DC, Ichii H, Ferrey AJ, Hanna RM, Kalantar-Zadeh K, Amin A.
    2020 Frontiers in Medicine
  5. Development of the NIH Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) Medication Adherence Scale (PMAS)
    Peipert JD, Badawy SM, Baik SH, Oswald LB, Efficace F, Garcia SF, , Kaiser K, Yanez B, Cella D
    2020 Patient Preference and Adherence
  6. Identifying an Optimal Liver Frailty Index Cutoff to Predict Waitlist Mortality in Liver Transplant Candidates
    Kardashian A, Ge J, McCulloch CE, Kappus MR, Dunn MA, Duarte-Rojo A, Volk ML, Rahimi RS, Verna EC, Ganger DR, Ladner D, Dodge JL, Boyarsky B, McAdams-DeMarco M, Segev DL, Lai JC
    2020 Hepatology
  7. Streamlining radioembolization in UNOS T1/T2 hepatocellular carcinoma by eliminating lung shunt estimation.
    Gabr A, Ranganathan S, Mouli SK, Riaz A, Gates VL, Kulik L, Ganger D, Maddur H, Moore C, Hohlastos E, Katariya N, Caicedo JC, Kalyan A, Lewandowski RJ, Salem R
    2020 Journal of Hepatology
  8. Liver Transplantation Following Yttrium-90 Radioembolization: 15-year Experience in 207-Patient Cohort.
    Gabr A, Kulik L, Mouli S, Riaz A, Ali R, Desai K, Mora RA, Ganger D, Maddur H, Flamm S, Boike J, Moore C, Thornburg B, Alasadi A, Baker T, Borja-Cacho D, Katariya N, Ladner DP, Caicedo JC, Lewandowski RJ, Salem R
    2020 Hepatology
  9. The Role of the Intestine in the Pathogenesis of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis: Evidence and Therapeutic Implications.
    Dean G, Hanauer S, Levitsky J
    2020 Hepatology
  10. MELD-GRAIL-Na: Glomerular Filtration Rate and Mortality on Liver-Transplant Waiting List.
    Asrani SK, Jennings LW, Kim WR, Kamath PS, Levitsky J, Nadim MK, Testa G, Leise MD, Trotter JF, Klintmalm G
    2020 Hepatology
  11. Discovery and Validation of a Biomarker Model (PRESERVE) Predictive of Renal Outcomes After Liver Transplantation.
    Levitsky J, Asrani SK, Klintmalm G, Schiano T, Moss A, Chavin K, Miller C, Guo K, Zhao L, Jennings LW, Brown M, Armstrong B, Abecassis M
    2020 Hepatology
  12. Use and Meaning of "Goals of Care" in the Healthcare Literature: a Systematic Review and Qualitative Discourse Analysis.
    Secunda K, Wirpsa MJ, Neely KJ, Szmuilowicz E, Wood GJ, Panozzo E, McGrath J, Levenson A, Peterson J, Gordon EJ, Kruser JM
    2020 J Gen Intern Med
  13. Association between plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in young adulthood and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in midlife: CARDIA.
    Campbell PT, VanWagner LB, Colangelo LA, Lewis CE, Henkel A, Ajmera VH, Lloyd-Jones DM, Vaughan DE, Khan SS
    2020 Liver Int
  14. Discovery and validation of a novel blood-based molecular biomarker of rejection following liver transplantation.
    Levitsky J, Asrani SK, Schiano T, Moss A, Chavin K, Miller C, Guo K, Zhao L, Kandpal M, Bridges N, Brown M, Armstrong B, Kurian S, Demetris AJ, Abecassis M.
    2020 Am J Transplant
  15. Liver-related mortality is similar among men and women with cirrhosis. .
    Mazumder NR, Celaj S, Atiemo K, Daud A, Jackson KL, Kho A, Levitsky J, Ladner DP
    2020 J Hepatol
  16. Trends and predictors of multidimensional health-related quality of life after living donor kidney transplantation.
    Peipert JD, Caicedo JC, Friedewald JJ, Abecassis MMI, Cella D, Ladner DP, Butt Z
    2020 Qual Life Res
  17. Awareness, Attitudes, and Actions Related to COVID-19 Among Adults With Chronic Conditions at the Onset of the U.S. Outbreak: A Cross-sectional Survey.
    Wolf MS, Serper M, Opsasnick L, O'Conor RM, Curtis LM, Benavente JY, Wismer G, Batio S, Eifler M, Zheng P, Russell A, Arvanitis M, Ladner D, Kwasny M, Persell SD, Rowe T, Linder JA, Bailey SC
    2020 Ann Intern Med
  18. Financial Feasibility Analysis of a Culturally and Linguistically Competent Hispanic Kidney Transplant Program.
    Wang A, Caicedo JC, McNatt G, Abecassis M, Gordon EJ
    2020 Transplantation
  19. A Practical Guide to the Clinical Implementation of Biomarkers for Subclinical Rejection Following Kidney Transplantation.
    Naesens M, Friedewald J, Mas V, Kaplan B, Abecassis MM
    2020 Transplantation
  20. Changes in frailty are associated with waitlist mortality in patients with cirrhosis.
    Lai JC, Dodge JL, Kappus MR, Dunn MA, Volk ML, Duarte-Rojo A, Ganger DR, Rahimi RS, McCulloch CE, Haugen CE, McAdams-DeMarco M, Ladner D, Segev DL, Verna EC
    2020 J Hepatol
  21. Utilization of deceased organ donors based on HIV, hepatitis B virus, and hepatitis C virus screening test results.
    Theodoropoulos N, Kroll-Desrosiers A, Ison MG
    2020 Transpl Infect Dis
  22. Practical Guide to Vaccination in All Stages of CKD, Including Patients Treated by Dialysis or Kidney Transplantation.
    Krueger KM, Ison MG, Ghossein C
    2020 Am J Kidney Dis
  23. KDOQI US Commentary on the 2017 KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline on the Evaluation and Care of Living Kidney Donors.
    Mandelbrot DA, Reese PP, Garg N, Thomas CP, Rodrigue JR, Schinstock C, Doshi M, Cooper M, Friedewald J, Naik AS, Kaul DR, Ison MG, Rocco MV, Verbesey J, Hladunewich MA, Ibrahim HN, Poggio ED
    2020 Am J Kidney Dis
  24. Organ donor intervention research informed consent - Timing and risk.
    Gordon EJ, Veatch RM, Abt P, Reese PP
    2020 Am J Transplant
  25. Living Donor Liver Transplantation When Deceased Donor Is Not Possible or Timely: Case Examples and Ethical Perspectives.
    Levitsky J, Gordon EJ
    2020 Liver Transpl
  26. Longitudinal Investigation of Older Adults' Ability to Self-Manage Complex Drug Regimens.
    Bailey SC, Opsasnick LA, Curtis LM, Federman AD, Benavente JY, O'Conor R, Wolf MS
    2020 J Am Geriatr Soc
  27. Blood pressure control according to clinical practice guidelines is associated with decreased mortality and cardiovascular events among liver transplant recipients.
    VanWagner LB, Holl JL, Montag S, Gregory D, Connolly S, Kosirog M, Campbell P, Pine S, Daud A, Finn D, Ladner D, Skaro AI, Levitsky J, Lloyd-Jones DM
    2020 Am J Transplant
  28. Effect of the clinical course of acute-on-chronic liver failure prior to liver transplantation on post-transplant survival.
    Sundaram V, Kogachi S, Wong RJ, Karvellas CJ, Fortune BE, Mahmud N, Levitsky J, Rahimi RS, Jalan R
    2020 J Hepatol

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