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Publications in 2022:

  1. Feasibility and Acceptability of a mHealth Self-Management Intervention for Pediatric Transplant Families
    S. M. Lerret, R. Schiffman, R. White-Traut, B. Medoff-Cooper, S. I. Ahamed, R. Adib, M. Liegl, E. Alonso, et al. 
    2022 West J Nurs Res.
  2. Role of interventional oncology in hepatocellular carcinoma: Future best practice beyond current guidelines
    P. Goyal, R. Salem, S. K. Mouli
    2022 Br J Radiol. 
  3. Coagulopathy and hemostasis management in patient undergoing liver transplantation: Defining a dynamic spectrum across phases of care
    A. A. Pillai, M. Kriss, D. P. Al-Adra, R. M. Chadha, M. M. Cushing, K. Farsad, CJ. Karvellas, et al. 
    2022 Liver Transpl. 
  4. Patterns of Care Utilization and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Surviellance: Tracking Care Across the Pandemic 
    M. Serper, E. B. Tapper, D. E. Kaplan, T. H. Tadde, N. Mahmud
    2022 Am J Gastroenterol. 
  5. Geospatial Analysis of Organ Tranwsplant Referral Regions
    T. Schappe, S. Peskoe, N. Bhavsar, L. E. Boulware, J. Pendergast, L. M. McElroy
    2022 JAMA Netw Open 
  6. Two-step screening for depressive symptoms in patients treated with kidney replacement therapies -cross-sectional analysis
    S. Dano, H. H. Lan, S. Macanovic, S. Bartlett, D. Howell, M. Li, J. Hanmer, JD. Peipert, et al
    2022 Nephrol Dial Transplant
  7. Health-related quality of life in a prospective study of ultrasound to detect cystic fibrosis-related liver disease in children
    S. J. Schwarzenberg, J. J. Palermo, W. Ye, S. Huang, J. C. Magee, A. Alazraki, Estella M. Alonso, et al.
    2022 J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr.  
  8. Assessment of mental health in patients with chronic liver disease
    M. P. Whitsett, A. Goswami Banerjee, M. Serper
    2022 Clin Liver Dis 
  9. Health Disparities in Chronic Liver Disease 
    A. Kardashian, M. Serper, N. Terrault and L. D. Nephew
    2022 Hepatology
  10. Factors Underlying Racial Disparity in Utilization of Hepatitis C-Viremic Kidneys in the United States 
    K. Atiemo, R. Baudier, R. Craig-Schapiro, K. Guo, N. Mazumder, A. Anderson, L. Zhao, D. Ladner
    2022 J Racial Ethn Health Disparities
  11. A novel Method Using the Levels of Mobility to Predict Mortality in Patients Admitted for Decompensated Cirrhosis: A Prospective Study
    A. J. Groff, M. Serper, S. Y. Tao, P. M. Bloomer, M. A. Dunn, A. Duarte-Rojo
    2022 Liver Transpl.
  12. Navigating medication-taking after kidney transplant 
    A. Balakrishnan, R. Weinmeyer, M. Serper, S. C. Bailey, K. Kaiser, M. Wolf
    2022 Res Social Adm Pharm.
  13. Outcomes of patients with acute liver failure listed for liver transplantation: A multicenter prospective cohort analysis
    C. J. Karvellas, T. M. Leventhal, J. L. Rakela, J. Zhang, V. Durkalski, K. R. Reddy, et al.
    2022 Liver Transpl.
  14. Patient Preferences for Waiting Time and Kidney Quality 
    S. Mehrotra, J. M. Gonzalez, K. Schantz, J. C. Yang, J. J. Friedewald, R. Knight.
    2022 Clin J Am Soc Nephrol.
  15. Long-term follow-up and liver outcomes in children with cystic fibrosis and nodular liver on ultrasound in a multi-center study
    D. H. Leung, W. Ye, S. J. Schwarzenberg, A. J. Freeman, J. J. Palermo, A. Weymann, E.M. Alonso, et al.
    2022 J Cyst Fibros.
  16. Are cultural or psychosocial factors associated with patient-reported outcomes at the concluson of kidney transplant evaluation? 
    S. L. Swift, Y. Leyva, S. Wang, C. H. Chang, M. A. Dew, R. Shapiro, M Unruh, K Kendall, E Croswell, JD Peipert, L Myaskovsky
    2022 Clin Transplant  
  17. Expression of unfolded protein response genes in post-transplantation liver biopsies
    X. Liu, S. A. Taylor, S. Celaj, J. Levitsky and R. M. Green  
    2022 BMC Gastroenterol 
  18. An Update on Pediatric Acute Liver Failure: Emerging Understanding of the Impact of Immune Dysregulation and Novel Opportunities for Intervention
    S. Kulkarni, C. A. Chapin, E. M. Alonso, D. A. Rudnick  
    2022 Clin Liver Dis
  19. Single Center Experience with Incidence, Impact and Predictors of Biliary Complications in Donation After Circulatory Death Liver Transplantation
    O. Bushara, J. Alhalel, J. Sanders, H. Azad, T. Cerri, S. Zafer, K. Guo, L. Zhao, A. Daud, D. Borja-Cacho, J.C. Caicedo 
    2022 Prog Transplant
  20. Implications of Accumulated Cold Time for US Kidney Transplantational Offer Acceptance
    M. Barah, V. Kilambi, J. Friedewald, S. Mehrotra   
    2022 Clin J Am Soc Nephrol
  21. Alloimmune versus autoimmune hepatitis following liver transplantation 
    C. R. Harrington, J. Levitsky 
    2022 eCollection  
  22. An Assessment of Ineligible Donor Use in Solid Organ Transplantation 
    L. J. DeRoos, E. B. Tapper, M. S. Lavieri, D. W. Hutton, N. D. Parikh  
    2022 Epub 
  23. Whole Exome Sequencing Reveals Genetic Variants in HLA Class II Genes Associated With Transplant-free Survival of Indeterminate Acute Liver Failure
    T. J. Liao, B. Pan, H. Hong, P. Hayashi, J. A. Rule, D. Ganger, et al. 
    2022 Epub  
  24. Describing Predictors Of Regimen Nonadherence Among Kidney Recipients Using Multiple Measures
    A. Balakrishnan, S. Bailey, D. Mroczek, M. Serper, D. Ladner, M. Wolf  
    2022 Prog Transplant 
  25. Defining the ethical considerations surrounding kidney transplantation for frail and cognitively impaired patients: a Delphi study of geriatric transplant experts 
    P. Shrestha, S. E. Van Pilsum Rasmussen, E. A. King, E.J. Gordon, R. R. Faden, D. L. Segev, et al.
    2022 BMC Geriatr.
  26. Liver transplantation in the era of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease/metabolic (dysfunction) associated fatty liver disease: the dilemma of the steatotic liver graft on transplantation and recipient survival 
    S. M. Gedallovich, D. P. Ladner, L.B. VanWagner  
    2022 Hepatobiliary Surg Nutr
  27. Impact of having potential living donors on ethnic/racial disparities in access to kidney transplantation 
    E.J. Gordon, J. Lee, R. Kang, J.C. Caicedo 
    2022 Am J Transplant 
  28. Treatment Decision Making for Older Kidney Patients during COVID-19 
    Porteny T, Gonzales KM, Aufort KE, Levine S, Wong JB, Isakova T, Rifkin DE, Gordon E.J., et al.
    2022 Clin J Am Soc Nephrol
  29. Sustainment of a complex culturally competent care intervention for Hispanic living donor kidney transplantation: A longitudinal analysis of adaptations 
    E.J. Gordon, J.J. Uriarte, N. Anderson, J.D. Smith, J. C. Caicedo, M. Shumate  
    2022 J Clin Transl Sci 
  30. Impact of Donor and Recipient Clinical Characteristics and Hepatic Histology on Steatosis/Fibrosis Following Liver Transplantation 
    O. Shaked, J. Demetris, J. Levitsky, S. Feng, B. L. Loza, J. Punch, et al. 
    2022 Transplantation
  31. A Multifaceted Medication Adherence Promotion System to Reduce Late Kidney Allograft Rejection in Children and Young Adults
    A. Benintende, M. Wolf, D. Ladner
    2022 Am J Kidney Dis
  32. Frailty and the Risk of Acute Kidney Injury Among Patients With Cirrhosis
    G. Cullaro, E. Verna, A. Duarte-Rojo, M. Kappus, D. Ganger, R. Rahimi, B. Boyarsky, D. Segev, M. McAdams-DeMarco, D. Ladner, M. Volk, V. Hsu, J. Lai
    2022 Hepatol Commun
  33. Loneliness in adults awaiting liver transplantation at 7 U.S. transplant centers
    K. Berry, D. Kent, S. Seetharaman, R. Wong, Y. Mohamad, F. Yao, M. Nunez-Duarte, S. Wadhwani, B. Boyarsky, R. Rahimi, A. Duarte-Rojo, M. Kappus, M. Volk, D. Ladner, D. Segev, M. McAdams-DeMarco, E. Verna, D. Ganger, J. Lai
    2022 Ann Hepatol
  34. Monitoring for Ascites in Cirrhosis Using Patient-Generated Health Data: No Longer a Remote Possibility
    M. Serper
    2022 Dig Dis Sci
  35. Monitoring Cardiovascular Risks Factors After Liver Transplantation May Improve Outcomes
    L.B. VanWagner, S. Lieber
    2022 Liver Transpl
  36. Palliative care experience and perceived gaps in training among transplant hepatology fellows: A national survey
    M. Whitsett, N. Ufere, A. Patel, J. Shea, C. Jones, O. Fix, M. Serper
    2022 Hepatol Commun
  37. Not everything that counts can be counted: Tracking long-term outcomes in pediatric liver transplant recipients
    K. Cheng, S. Feng, J. Bucuvalas, J. Levitsky, E. Perito
    2022 Am J Transplant
  38. Dealing With the Kidney Discard Problem in the United States-One Potential Solution for a Difficult Problem
    J. Friedewald, K. Schantz, S. Mehrotra
    2022 Am J Kidney Dis
  39. The Role of Procurement Biopsies in Kidney Acceptance Decision Making and Kidney Discard: Perceptions of Physicians, Nurse Coordinators, and OPO Staff and Directors
    K.SchantzE. Gordon, U. LeeM. RochaJ. FriedewaldD. Ladner, Y. BeckerR. FormicaP. ReeseD. KaufmanM. BarahM. WalkerO. MehrotraD. ViverosS. Mehrotra
    2022 Transplant Direct
  40. An Electronic Decision Support Intervention Reduces Readmissions for Patients With Cirrhosis
    J. LouissaintK. GrzybL. BashawR. MohammadN. Parikh, E. Tapper 
    2022 Am J Gastroenterol
  41. Diversity in transplantation surgery and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons: Opportunity for a bold vision and positive change
    M. Abouljoud, D. Simpson, A. Dick
    2022 Am J Surg
  42. Cognitive Impairment and Physical Frailty in Patients With Cirrhosis
    K. Berry, A. Duarte-Rojo, J. GrabM. DunnB. BoyarskyE. Verna, M. KappusM. VolkM. McAdams-DeMarcoD. SegevD. GangerD. LadnerA. ShuiM. TincopaR. RahimiJ. Lai
    2022 Hepatol Commun
  43. Redefining Success After Liver Transplantation: From Mortality Toward Function and Fulfillment
    M. SerperS. AsraniL. VanWagnerP. ReeseM. KimM. Wolf 
    2022 Liver Transpl
  44. Cardiac Risk Assessment in Liver Transplant Candidates: A Survey of National Practice Patterns
    P. Barman, R. Chadha, L. VanWagner
    2022 Liver Transpl
  45. Biomarkers of rejection in liver transplantation
    G. Perottino, C. Harrington, J. Levitsky
    2022 Curr Opin Organ Transplant
  46. Poor Practitioner Adherence to Clinical Tobacco Use Guidelines in Liver Transplant Recipients
    C. HarringtonM. KosirogP. CampbellD. GregoryA. DaudJ. Levitsky, J. HollD. Lloyd-JonesL. VanWagner
    2022 Transplant Direct
  47. Impact of race on pancreas transplant outcomes in the current era: It is not all Black and White
    L. McElroy, J. Fridell
    2022 Clin Transplant
  48. A scoping review of inequities in access to organ transplant in the United States
    C. ParkM. JonesS.Kaplan, F. KollerJ.WilderL. Boulware, L. McElroy
    2022 Int J Equity Health
  49. SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in heart transplantation: What we do and do not know
    S. Aslam, M. Ison
    2022 J Heart Lung Transplant
  50. The Knowledge Assessment of Renal Transplantation (KART) 2.0: Development and Validation of CKD and Transplant Knowledge Scales
    A. Waterman, D. Nai, I. Purnajo, K. Cavanaugh, B. Mittman, J. Peipert
    2022 Clin J Am Soc Nephrol
  51. Long-Term Infectious Complications of Kidney Transplantation
    A. Agrawal, M. Ison, L. Danziger-Isakov
    2022 Clin J Am Soc Nephrol
  52. The answer at our fingertips: Volume status in cirrhosis determined by machine learning and pulse oximeter waveform
    N. Mazumder, A. Kazen, A. Carek, M. Etemadi, J. Levitsky
    2022 Physiol Rep
  53. Incidence of, Risk Factors for, and Outcomes After Ascites in a Population-Based Cohort of Older Americans
    E. Tapper, Z. Zhao, N. Mazumder, N. Parikh
    2022 Dig Dis Sci

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