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Publications & Acknowledgements

To submit a publication with MHPL, please send a copy of the accepted manuscript, published paper, or title of grant application to the MHPL. This will allow us to record the impact of our work to the NU Community. View full list of publications.

Selected Publications

Shift from androgen to estrogen action causes abdominal muscle fibrosis, atrophy, and inguinal hernia in a transgenic male mouse model.

Zhao H et al.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., Oct 2018.

Read the full report.

Egr3 dependent sympathetic target tissue innervation in the absence of neuron death.

Li L, Eldredge LC, Quach DH, Honasoge A, Gruner K, Tourtellotte WG.

PLOS One, Sep 2011.

Read the full report.

Egr3, a synaptic activity regulated transcription factor that is essential for learning and memory.

Li L, Yun SH, Keblesh J, Trommer BL, Xiong H, Radulovic J, Tourtellotte WG

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, Feb 2007.

Read the full report.

Precision therapeutic targeting of human cancer cell motility.

Xu L, Gordon R, Farmer R, Pattanayak A, Binkowski A, Huang X, Avram M, Krishna S, Voll E, Pavese J, Chavez J, Bruce J, Mazar A, Nibbs A, Anderson W.

Nature Communications, Jun 2018.

Read the full report.

Abnormal sympathetic nervous system development and physiological dysautonomia in Egr3-deficient mice.

Eldredge LC, Gao XM, Quach DH, Li L, Han X, Lomasney J, Tourtellotte WG

Development, Sep 2008.

Read the full report.

The Neuroplasticity-Associated Arc Gene Is a Direct Transcriptional Target of Early Growth Response (Egr) Transcription Factors

Li L, Carter J, Gao X, Whitehead J, Tourtellotte WG

Molecular Cell Biology, Dec 2005.

Read the full report.

Acknowledging MHPL’s Services

Please acknowledge MHPL and our services in your research! See the details below.

Why Acknowledge MHPL

Proper acknowledgment provides a visible measure of the impact of the MHPL. It is important for us to obtain financial and other support so that we may continue to provide our essential services in the best ways possible. Please help us help you!

When to Acknowledge MHPL

Anytime the MHPL provides services that support your research.

If a staff member has made a significant intellectual contribution beyond routine sample analysis, please consider an authorship. This is essential for the professional development of our staff.

Where to Acknowledge MHPL

  • Papers
  • Poster
  • Presentations
  • Scholarly Reports
  • Publications
  • Grants

Formatting an Acknowledgement

Please use the following (or variant of the following) when acknowledging us: “Non-clinical research histopathology and molecular phenotyping services were provided by the Northwestern University Mouse Histology and Phenotyping Laboratory (MHPL) which is supported by NCI P30-CA060553 awarded to the Robert H Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center.”